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Please note that the zeolite mentioned in these testimonies has gone through an intensive proprietary, patented process that removes all impurities and micronizes it so it will cleanse at a cellular level.  Any zeolite that has not gone through this process will not be as effective.


The FDA gave a warning today that over the counter drugs like Nexium et all used for long periods of time for acid reflux cause hip and spine fractures.  Our special zeolite formula takes care of the problem with no side effects.  


I just wanted to let you know I love your products and have used zeolite for de-toxing.  My mother is 89 and has half of her stomach in her chest - a large hiatus hernia - and surgery would kill her at her age.  The acid reflux from this caused her to cough all the time, you could not even talk to her on the phone....many doctors later and a diagnosis of chronic bronchitis and emphysema and acid reflux ....3 doctors told her there is nothing they could do but take her acid reflux meds and that is all.

Well I decided after a recent testimonial on acid reflux to order her some zeolite with strict instructions to take it every 6 hrs and lots of water. I got to tell you one bottle...yes 1 bottle later and there is NO COUGH....this is truly amazing...and she is every so grateful to even be able to sleep thru the night and talk on the phone.

I am now placing another order to keep her on this and my boyfriend with MS was so impressed he said he would give it a are so hard to convince.

PS -  my mothers arthritis in her shoulders has started to improve.  Thanks for this miracle in a really is.. I just wish more people would give it a try could change their lives .     Sandra  from PA 


Hi.  My name is Linda and I use liquid zeolite. I, for years, have had a problem with acid reflux and been on a prescription called Acidflex to help me with it. Ever since I have been on the zeolite my acid reflux has completely gone away and I no longer have to take the prescription.  do take a lot of this company's other products, which I greatly love and they have improved my health a lot. I love the company and I love the products. Thank you.


I have noticed a drastic change in my heartburn.  I was not happy that I was taking a lot of acid reflux prescription medication.    I learned about liquid zeolite from my friend last summer.   I started taking it 3 weeks ago. I am already feeling better. I have not needed acid reflux medication or Tums since I started taking the liquid zeolite .Thanks for such a great product.


This is my testimony on Acid Reflux.  It all started 28 years ago when I became pregnant. The old saying “Oh you have heartburn because your baby has lots of hair”. Well after the baby was born my heartburn did subside. Then two years later I was pregnant again and the heartburn started again. I was relieved again for several years. After some time the symptoms started again and this time they were getting worse. I started on Tums, Rolaids, etc. This seemed to help solve the problem for years. 

As I got older the symptoms got exceedingly more frequent and severe. I would wake up in the middle of the night where I could not get my breath, I felt as though I was suffocating for air. The acid was so severe it would make me regurgitate everything I had eaten. Instead of one or two tablets like the directions called for I was up to 4 to 6 tablets every hour. I would get relieve and feel better. Now the pills were not helping only throwing up everything would relieve the pressure and nauseating feeling. I was getting to the point I did not want to eat because I was afraid of the symptoms that were to follow. I could not go through the agony. 

One day my husband told me about zeolite. I immediately told him I would like to try it. Trust me when you have been through what I've been through I wanted to try everything except a doctor. Because I was afraid they would find everything wrong except what was ailing me. I am very stubborn this way. You get to a point that you will just about try anything for relief. So the zeolite came in and immediately I tried it. I am still at 10 drops 3 times a day and my acid reflux is dissipating. I immediately found relief the first day. 

After a week my assistant, who works with me, who should know me after 3 years told me my mood was even milder. We started reading the bottle: *Helps remove heavy metals, toxins and other substances from the body. *Supports a healthy immune system. *Helps level pH levels in the body. There you go this has to be it. I have been relieved of severe acid reflux. I stopped for about a week because of things that had happened in my life and immediately the acid reflux came back. When I take it faithfully it is a real life saver to me.  Now I tell everyone about this amazing product. I am still surprised that the little bottle and drops that look like water has had such unbelievable results for me.              Becky G. Kirtland N.M.


I have noticed a drastic change in my heartburn. After the first day I took zeolite I was already feeling better. Right then and there I was won over. Before, I would get acid reflux and pain from many foods, not just the foods that I’m not supposed to eat. Sometimes things like tomato sauce or pizza would give me heartburn as it was going down. Non-acidic foods like bananas or vegetables would come up as acid after I ate them.  After taking 3 drops of the zeolite 3 times a day, NO FOODS GAVE ME HEARTBURN unless I laid down right after eating them. Last night I ate 2 Taco Bell burritos and laid down right afterwards, and experienced heartburn. I took zeolite and it decreased the pain and burning feeling slowly.  I woke up feeling fine. Normally I would wake up feeling nauseous if I ate too soon before going to bed. I can feel zeolite de-acidifying my stomach. I believe long term use of this product, combined with a healthy diet, will heal my esophagus and keep me disease free.  Bodhi ,  HI


"In 1975, when I was 17 years old, I was taken to the Doctor by my parents to be tested for a burning sensation in my throat and chest. I was taken through a series of tests, which concluded with an upper GI test. I was told at that time that I should begin taking an antacid such as Maalox several times a day and not to eat Italian or Mexican foods, and to stay away from fast food restaurants. (Tell that to a 17 year old). Within a couple of years I discovered Rolaids and then I found Tums. They were my life saver. I have taken Tums for the last 27 years. Every pair of pants I own, has a roll of Tums in the pocket. I purchased Tums by the 100 count bottle. My wife has a special Tums container in her purse just in case I misplace mine or run out and because I very often would have to deal with terrible heartburn in the middle of the night, I actually would place a couple of Tums on the edge of my dresser before going to bed.

My Doctor has repeatedly informed me that I needed to be on an acid reflux prescription. After searching for an alternative to starting the eventual journey to a hand full of prescriptions a day, I was told about liquid zeolite. I received my first bottle of liquid zeolite on December 24 and began taking it three times a day, three drops at a time. At that time I had half of a roll of Tums in my pocket. Today that half roll of Tums sits on my microwave. I have eaten Tacos, Buffalo Hot Wings, Baked Spaghetti, Pizza, and of course an amazing Christmas Dinner just 18 hours after starting the drops of liquid zeolite.  I have not needed or taken another Tums since I started with zeolite." 

- Mark T. –  Michigan


I have pretty symptomatic GERD (gastric reflux disease).  I have DEFINITELY noticed a change since I've started using zeolite (about 3 weeks ago).  I still take one of the anti-reflux medicines, but have been able to back off from the other one. (Zantac, but have been able to back off from 20 milligrams Prilosec daily.)  I am excited! Lisa,  Tulsa , Oklahoma


I received a sample bottle of the zeolite at the beginning of July and have been "rationing" it by taking only 3 drops once a day vs the recommended 3 times a day until the product begins shipping in August.

I suffer from esophageal reflux a pouch in the esophagus that can collect food. I heard that zeolite has been effective in reducing gastric reflux - it dawned on me that I have not been having the frequency of reflux issues!

I cannot wait to get my product next week so I can begin taking the recommended dosage. Based on the results to far, I am convinced it will virtually eliminate my reflux issues. Thanks for bringing such a product to market. -  Bob H.  


My name is Pete.  I’ve been on a product line now for 5, almost 6 months.  I initially got on it at the urging of a good friend.  Actually, several months of urging.  I immediately saw effects in terms of my gastric reflux which I suffered from for years.  Had surgery to try to correct it.  It still didn’t work.  Within a few weeks on this I greatly improved to the point now where I’m on no medication whatsoever, so that made me a believer.   But then, a surprising benefit was that I’ve been zurtec for almost 8 years now, and decided just kind of cold turkey to get off it since I was taking zeolite and some of the other products.  And now I have very little in terms of allergy symptoms.  Living here in  Columbia you’ve got tremendous opportunities for allergies.  Although I may get itchy eye occasionally or a little bit of sneezing, it’s nothing compared to what it was.  I’m totally off the medication so it’s a great thing to be in this place and not have to deal with prescriptions anymore.


I've had severe acid reflux for years. I am also prone to hiccups prompted by the acid reflux. Believe it or not I have been hiccupping for the past five months with little or no relief. I started with zeolite last week and haven't hiccupped since! -- HN  San Clemente  


“My name is Andy out of  Colorado Springs, Colorado .  My background was U.S. Army for ten years in reconnaissance.  I spent many of those years in combat zones which were in a toxic environment.

 I had acid reflux and high blood pressure for about four and a half years, until I was taking the zeolite,  a  daily nutrient, and a mushroom product  And within a week of taking those products, my blood pressure went down quite a bit.  It got me off my prescription, and my acid reflux is completely gone after 4 ½ years of throwing up almost every day, 5 – 7 times a week, not being able to eat breakfast.  I’m now back to normal thanks to these products.  Thanks.


Good morning.  I would like to give a product testimonial for the zeolite product.  It’s been very helpful to my family.  In my situation, I suffer from acid reflux, and since taking the product  I have not had to take my prescription drugs.  I have wonderful relief as far as the acid reflux.  My husband suffers from sinus infections and he has not had one visit to the doctor since November  (and it is now July) all because of this product.   It is also because of these products we decided to grow a business and my husband and I have been working a business since January, and  we have about 300 distributors working with us now,  and it has given us additional income, and we are just thrilled. Thank you. “


My Testimony : As of today, this morning to be exact, I had an endoscopy, (where they look down your esophagus and into your stomach with a tube).   I had gastric reflux and three stomach ulcers at my last endoscopy and was given Prylosec for my reflux. 

Not being a fan of pharmaceuticals, and having heard that zeolite is beneficial for that condition, I opted for it.  My report today was no ulcers and the gastric reflux very minimal.  So bring on the zeolites. Regards, Margie


I’m 33 years old. I have had ADD all my life which I'm guessing was caused in part by the fact that I was born DOA. My mother tells me I was not talking by the time I was in kindergarten and only starting to speak by half way through the first grade. About ten years ago I went through a series of tests by the state of Utah health department.

My case was declared to be in the top 5% of the worst cases of ADD in the entire state. I have had great difficulty concentrating enough to read or retain much at all. It has always felt like I was trying to think through a thick fog: you know the kind where you can't see your hand in front of your face? Just two weeks ago my whole family started on the special liquid zeolite

I started on 60 drops/day. In just the first couple of days, I could feel this tingling sensation in my brain. It started on the right side at the back and spread over the course of that first week to the front, across to the left side, down to the neck and finally to the left in the back until it felt like my whole brain was kind of buzzing. Now I can read, understand and retain on the first or second attempt where before it was 5 or 6 attempts and sometimes I couldn't get it at all and had to ask someone else.

Last week on Thursday, so just 6 days on the drops, I finally had a breakthrough on an issue at work that I'd been fighting with for the previous two weeks. That morning after rereading the notes, I figured out what was the problem, wrote and sent a step by step instructional email and was done with it all in less than 20 minutes. It was as if the hold on my brain was released. And that thick mental fog has lessened to a fine mist. Though still not crystal clear, I can now think through things and follow my own thoughts without losing them. It's made a tremendous difference for me especially at work and made reading for leisure actually pleasurable.

I’ve also noted that I don't get distracted as easily (which is huge for ADD) and I can return to what I was doing without feeling like I need to start completely over on the task at hand.

We're also seeing amazing and rapid improvements in our two sons who are both on the autism spectrum. The elder, Jaron, who is 12 years old, started losing his speech shortly after being given his 12 month immunizations which included the MMR. 

After a couple of days of adjusting the dosage, he started adding words like "a," "an" and "the" among other connective words into his sentences. His speech is flourishing in ways we weren't sure would ever happen.

The other night, when my wife sent our younger two children to bed, Tandon (our middle child) complained that he wanted to stay up.  She told him, "You did stay up: it's 9:40, now go to bed." "But what about Jaron?" (We were pretty sure Jaron wasn't paying attention as he had headphones on and was playing on the computer.)  "Jaron is old enough to let him stay up till 10," to which Jaron responded in perfect clarity and pronunciation, "Oh, thank you, Mom. I appreciate it."  We didn't know he even knew the word “appreciate,” let alone what it meant and how to use it!  And to have him roll out with the whole thing from the middle of nowhere?  Our jaws hit the floor completely stunned!

Tandon seems to be sleeping better and deeper which is a great thing on its own. He has

started pausing on his own to think about what he's trying to say before saying it (especially when it's something he wants which is where we were getting the most stuttering/echolalia). Lastly, he has a much longer fuse before he gets angry and returns to being happy much more quickly after having gotten angry than before.

All this in less than 2 weeks. - Wayne B. Oregon


I have struggled with ADD my whole life.  The list is long of what I went through as the resulted of being impulsive and having my brain bounce around in my head like a ping-pong ball.  THAT HAS ALL CHANGED!  I cannot remember ever being so calm, focused and organized!  I am getting projects done I have put off for years and years.     I love where I am today!   Jennifer, Seattle WA

ADD/ADHD and Autism

“Hi.  My name is Cathleen.   I am a certified Homeopath.  My practice is, and I live and work in  Rohnert Park , California .  My practice is focused on treating children with ADD/ADHD learning disabilities and Autism, and since adding zeolite to the practice, along with classical homeopathy and nutritional support, for which I use the Essential Daily Nutrients, I have found great results.  Just with the Zeolite alone, the de-tox process has been amazing in cases of Autism and with ADD/ADHD.  So I find the combination of classical homeopathy and these two products to be absolutely invaluable, and I am so grateful to have been introduced to this product line.    Thank you.”


 Our 7 year old son has bad allergies and some signs of ADHD. We have been giving him 3 drops of of the liquid zeolite 2 times a day, which has helped both of his conditions. He loves 'taking his drops.' Thank you for this awesome all natural product.


My nephew has ADHD and he has gone from a "F" student to one that has much better grades because of  liquid zeolite!

My mother has also seen significant results since using these products.


I joined this company in November 08' and principally through the use of liquid zeolite drops my life has greatly improved.

I used to take a popular product for my ADHD.  For the purpose of discussion I'll simply call it factor.  This product from time to time would cause me stomach irritation.  Now with the zeolite drops I have kept high concentration and clarity levels without the stomach irritation.

I also put the drops in my eyes twice a day and my eyes feel less tense, more relaxed and with no more burning sensation.  I also can see much clearer at night inside my security vehicle at my work site.

By applying a very small amount of a regenerating wrinkle treatment, I'm clearing a rash that I have on my hands and being a middle aged man I am feeling my skin pulling tighter on my face and neck.  Thank you!  Sincerely, John


This is a letter to give you a brief history of my health following a Tour in Viet Nam with the Army, and the positive effect the special zeolite has had on my health.

I arrived in Viet Nam in September of 1967.  I worked as a combat soldier, Laborer, Road Route Layout and mapping specialist, demolitions specialists, carpenter, truck driver, and heavy equipment operator. I left Viet Nam in September 1968.

During my time in Viet Nam we did many construction projects. From constructing buildings, constructing roads, maintaining the roads, and removing mines from the roads.

During the construction of the many roads we built. We had to grade the soil in the areas that had been sprayed with Agent Orange. We would be out on the right-of-way grading the roads for a week at a time. During which we did not shower, so the dirt that had been sprayed with Agent Orange stayed on the skin. At the time we did not give it much thought. We did not feel that bad at the time and I was still feeling good when I got out of the Army in September of 1969.

As the years passed different symptoms began to make themselves apparent.

·         Brain Fog was the first to show up
·         Blood Sugar would fluctuate, up and down through wide swings
·         High Blood Pressure
·         Energy levels dropped
·         Anger, at times, raised
·         Depression would come and go
·         The heart started to beat irregularly at times “Atrial Fibrillation”

Starting in the mid seventies I started studying nutrition and was able to keep the symptoms somewhat under control. As time went on no matter what I did, the symptoms kept getting progressively worse. I went to many medical doctors and naturopathic practitioners trying to overcome the lessening of my health.

In August 2009, I found a naturopathic practitioner with a computer based bodily function monitoring system, and was told that I had Agent Orange in my system. I listened to the radio shows that mentioned the symptoms of Agent Orange, but until we discussed it that day I never realized that even though I was not in the areas as they were spraying Agent Orange, I was getting it into my system, and that it could be the root of the health challenges that I had.

We started  on the traditional homeopathic or naturopathic remedies. All we were doing was making a small difference, but that little improvement showed me that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and that there was a possibility that I could feel better again.

During those treatments the naturopathic practitioner was introduced to your special zeolite. She convinced me to try it It is hard to describe how much my health changed in a very short time. 

From August 2009 until November 2009 the symptoms reduced drastically. My heart started to beat correctly almost all the time, even in stressful situations which would normally have gotten the rhythm off quickly and left it that way for a while. My energy level went up. The blood pressure went down. 

I have been tested for radiation and the test results showed that it was at a level so low that it was almost none-existent which is unusual for those of us living in Las Vegas.

I will be 64 soon and do not take any prescription drugs, and according to the latest tests I am cancer-free.  Thank you, Louis S.


When I was 19 years old, I enlisted and was sent overseas.  I was in the Vietnam campaign a total of one year and 28 days.  While “in country” my troop did foot patrols in the field, carrying an M-60 on some reconnaissance missions; performed demolition, drove and repaired tanks and various equipment.  During my time in Nam, we bathed in bomb craters contaminated with the chemicals; waded through muddy roads and rice paddies; while we were on special missions, we saw areas where foliage had been sprayed and devastated with chemicals, but never gave it a second thought.

Approximately a year after I came home in 1971, there was a tumor that showed up under my chin.  On or about 1990, during a physical with the University of Texas at Tyler, an ex-military doctor told me “that something was found in my blood that would probably come back to “haunt” me.”  It did.  I am one of many returnees experiencing the symptoms caused by contact with “Agent Orange.”  You may have heard of it … Veterans call it, “The Last Ghost of Vietnam.”  

I began to experience an array of problems with my health.  Some of these symptoms are blurry or burning vision with episodes of anger, depression, anxiety, memory loss and lack of concentration, severe personality changes and behavior, tingling, headaches, numbness, muscle spasms, loss of sensation or feeling in extremities, and other neurological problems, as well as, insomnia.  In short, according to my physicals my health issues are Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, bone cancer, heart problems, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

I have been retired by the military with a 100% service-connected disability.  At this time, I am in remission.  And though my health issues are not considered by the medical profession as curable, my doctors tell me I am “holding my own” and "should continue to do whatever I am doing for my health.”  

It is not unusual for people to tell me that I do not even look like I have cancer.  I do cooperate with my doctors at the V.A. in monitoring my physical condition; however, I have been able to maintain my health without the use of Chemotherapy and Radiation through the use of natural medicine.  I do not take any prescriptions – not even for insomnia. 

My sister introduced me to the special zeolite, the world’s most powerful 100% natural substance in removing toxins and chemicals.  She sent it to me, I started taking it, and my life “turned a corner.”  Now, I sleep better than I have in the last 20 years.  That may not sound like much, but to a Veteran like me, that is extremely important.  Lack of sleep alone has turned “my world upside down.”  

One of the things that I noticed almost immediately after taking this special zeolite, is that I woke up one morning and my vision had improved.  When I looked out the window, everything appeared clearer, brighter -- more vivid.  When this change actually took place is not certain, it just happened; and, I became aware of other changes as well.  

My eyes no longer look like they are “bleeding”, or blood shot, and my skin now has color, not jaundiced or gray.  When people tell me “it’s a miracle”, I tell them “it’s the special liquid zeolite.”  Along with the special zeolite, I take the special mushroom substance, and it is apparent that the tumors have begun to shrink, As well, this is aiding my immune system, I have less colds and allergies, and I feel better in general.  These are just a few of the things that have benefited me that I am aware of.  I have no doubt it is continuing to improve my health and well-being even more than I have detailed here.

My brother tells me that he is now going through many of the symptoms that I have been experiencing throughout my life.  It is my mission to help him and other Vets that are out there that desperately need our help.  Both of us came back from Vietnam, and are now fighting an inner battle.  Many of us are in another war that is invisible, faceless, and leaving us lost.  We tend to get to a “tipping point” where our mental and physical health starts steadily declining.  It is an enemy we can’t see; and, don’t know how to fight.  

Many of our Vets are gone, and their journey has ended.  Time is “ticking”, and so many of these Veterans that have survived or even evaded the bullets need a “helping hand” from these issues.  Five years ago, I had a doctor who told me to “go home and make out my will.”  Fortunately, I had a sister who “thought outside the box", who cared and showed me natural health alternatives that really work.  Now, I want to “pay it forward.” - Al


I was exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam Conflict in 1972 - 1974.  As a result of this exposure, I suffered many side effects including:  fibrous tumors on my right leg,  joint pain in back,  arm,  hands, and left foot; arthritis in my left foot,  right arm,  hands,  and back along with acid reflux and high blood pressure.  Carpal tunnel surgery was scheduled for both hands for summer of 2008.  I was on medication for arthritis, high blood pressure and acid reflux along with muscle relaxers and narcotic pain medication (I was taking 6 narcotic pain pills daily to try to control the pain instead of only 2 like the doctor had prescribed).

On January 16, 2008, I was introduced to a company's health and fitness products.  On January 17, I began taking zeolite at a rate of 10 drops 3 times per day and continued that dose for 2 bottles.  On January 21, I also began taking daily nutrients and a healthy aging product.  Within 5 days, I noticed that I had less pain and stiffness in my joints.  Shortly thereafter, I noticed that the fibrous tumors on my right leg had disappeared.  Within 45 days I was completely medication free (no more pills at all!) and could lead a more active and healthy lifestyle free of pain and misery.  I am no longer planning on carpal tunnel surgery.  Wow, what a difference these products have made in my life!  I now tell everyone I see what this has done for me. Thank you for giving me a new outlook on life.  - Keith P. Wahpeton, ND 


You know how Ed and I have struggled to come up with something, anything, to try and get his psoriasis under control.   As a retired Naval Captain and formerly a Skipper of a Swift Boat in Vietnam , he was frequently exposed to the defoliating chemical, Agent Orange.  Upon his return from Vietnam he began to experience the ravages of extreme psoriasis. 

Ed has been treated with everything from steroids to cancer drugs to the supposed miracle cures we would hear about.  Nothing has ever accomplished anything except occasional temporary relief.  Yesterday before he left to go out of town we sprayed his bad spots with a combination of water and zeolite, he also began taking ten drops orally to begin the cleansing process.  Ed called me a short time ago and said he wanted us to know that he can already see there are changes and improvements at the area’s we sprayed.  In about 36 hours….what else can I say??  Thank you Sidney


Recently my neighbor called me to notify me that another neighbor was having a terrible allergic reaction of some kind after cutting some cactus in her back yard and that she was lying on her couch in her living room because she could hardly see due to swelling of her eyes.  The lady's face was getting swollen and was very red. I ran over there and when I saw her I said well, what are we waiting for let's call 911 now! but she wanted to wait.  At that moment I felt so helpless but then I remember about liquid zeolite and I told her. "look let me bring something to see if it helps you;" 

I ran to my house brought a little bottle of zeolite and in my desperation poured 25 drops in a cup of water and put several drops inside her eyes.  I said to her "I do not know if this will help you but it can not hurt you".   Myrna began to feel better and in 15 minutes she got up and her swelling was not as bad.  She could now see clearly and I was so happy that this was able to help her. She came to my house 30 minutes later looking her normal self and brought me an apple pie.  Sincerely, Maria S.


 Our 7 year old son has bad allergies and some signs of ADHD. We have been giving him 3 drops of of the liquid zeolite 2 times a day, which has helped both of his conditions. He loves 'taking his drops.' Thank you for this awesome all natural product.


I started taking the the special liquid zeolite and decided to also give it to my two sons who at the time were 9 and 5 years old. My 9 old suffered from allergies since the day he was born. He was always sneezing, had a runny nose and itchy eyes. After about two weeks I notice he was not sneezing as much. When I asked him how he was feeling he said he had never felt better.

When the company came out with the special mushroom product, I started giving it to both my sons. The 9 year old's allergies completely disappeared. I also noticed that when the boys do get a cold it goes away pretty quickly.

As a mom keeping my children healthy is my first priority. Thank you for making great products that actually work.   E. P.


Hello, my name is Antoinette and I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area.  My experience with these natural products has truly been a blessing, a mother’s dream… I know it’s long but here is our story.

My health crusade/journey began when my son was born in 2005.   In the first 18 months of his life, he has had:  eczema, pneumonia, eye infections, several upper respiratory lung infections, rhinitis/nasal drip, congestion, impetigo, ear infections, croup, asthma, and then came the food allergies, to poultry at first.   For every condition, his pediatrician gave him a medication.   For another condition, another medication; then another condition, another medication; and this went on and on.   But nothing was working.

Take Eczema for example – We tried over-the-counter hydrocortisone.   It would disappear.   A few days later, it would reappear. Apply more hydrocortisone.   After a few months, I would consult with his pediatrician, and she would prescribe a more potent cream.   Same thing, apply, disappear, reappear, apply, disappear, reappear. Another few months would go by, I consult again; she prescribed a higher dosage of cream; apply, disappear, reappear, apply, disappear, reappear, etc… It was like clockwork and frustrating.   This is just with Eczema but it would be the same management of care for his other conditions.   When we introduced baby food, chicken and poultry, he developed a rash.   This required a new medication, new ointment; same routine or treatment.   His list of medications included Benadryl daily which was also used for cough and colds, Amoxicillin, Albuterol, Rynatan, Elidel Cream, Locoid Cream, Bactroban Cream, eye drops, ear drops, nose drops, Tylenol and Motrin… all within the first 18 months of his life.   Because I was a sick child, I even had the same health history I just thought he was just born with my genes, that he was ‘doomed’.

At 18 months his daycare provider gave him a bite of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.   Her house was 6 houses away from mine, and as soon as he walked inside our house, he began to cough, wheeze, and had trouble breathing.   He could have easily gone into anaphylactic shock.   I knew to give him some Benadryl, called his pediatrician, and then she referred me to an allergist to find out exactly what he’s allergic to.   He was given the skin test and it was confirmed, he is allergic to – Peanuts, Eggs, All seafood, cats, dogs, dust, dander, pollen, and grass.   The allergist said he will need to have an Epi-pen, to use Albuterol as needed, and to take Zyrtec for the rest of his life.   I thought, “I don’t think so.   Not for my kid!”   I would give him a break from Zyrtec for a few days, and then 2 days later he would catch a cold, which would develop into something more serious… like clockwork.   This wasn’t working and I needed to find and try something different.

Having him sick all the time was very stressful and heartbreaking so I started to find out ways to improve his health. I refused to raise him having to take medications for the rest of his life. His pediatrician and allergist never informed me about toxicity or cleaning out his system from within.   Then along came Luvi.   He first began taking a micronized zeolite on January 21, 2011; I ran out of Zyrtec to give him a break, no cold; two weeks later, no cold, no eczema, nothing.   A month later, he was still feeling good, if not better.   This is when things got real exciting.   It’s been 8 months now and he is no longer dependent on any of the medications I’ve listed above except maybe Zyrtec but only on a very rare occasion (a bottle to date so far).

Every morning he has a cocktail an essential daily nutrient, 20 drops of a micronized zeolite and 5 drops of a special mushroom product.

I never consulted with his pediatrician, not even to find out if it was good or bad for him.   Until today, they don’t know.   He has only gone in once for his annual check-up.   January 2011, I knew nothing about these products.   I just gave it to him because I wanted, and was willing to do something different, and obviously something better.   If it works for my son, it could help others with allergies. This is too good not to share with people who suffer with allergies or any other conditions (   As far as food allergies/sensitivities –we can comfortably eat in restaurants without being overly concerned with what they’re serving.   I still pay close attention to what is being served, how it’s prepared, and what I’m cooking, but I’m not paranoid anymore.

As I walked through the drug store tonight to buy dental floss, I passed through the children’s medication section.   It feels very liberating and free not to have to buy anything from that section, or be a slave to those medications… Thank you.   There are no words that can express my gratitude and appreciation, but thank you.


I have been taking the special liquid zeolite for a year and a half now. I would never be without it. I also started taking the MegaD, and I have more energy and feeling better. I went walking last night which I haven’t done in a long time.  I also have bad allergies which the liquid zeolite helped a lot and now with the MegaD, I have noticed it is even better.



I took my Mega D today and for the last 45+ days.....No allergies, sleeping better, have not been sick. Wonder if it could be Mega D? Better to be safe than sorry for a buck a day.  That's cheap insurance for good health.  - David H.



I just wanted to tell you how much the Mega Defense has helped me this summer. I am allergic to pollen, animal hair, dust, grass, etc. The list goes on and on and every year I add new things to it. Basically, if there is a change in my environment, I will have an allergic reaction which includes, runny nose, constant sneezing, and itchy/watery eyes. The month before I started taking MD, I was taking 2-4 Benadryl everyday! I have been taking MD for almost two weeks now, experienced zero allergic reactions, and haven't taken Benadryl once! Thank you for introducing me to this product. It has made my summer so much more enjoyable. -Tori D.



Hello Everyone!! I started taking MegaD a few weeks ago. I have noticed that my allergies have not been as severe as they have in the past and the joint pain I have from years of manual labor is starting to go away. I do not know what exactly is in the MegaD, but I can say that whatever it is, is doing wonders on my body. On my way to better health and helping others to better their health as well. Thanks MegaD!!


Was having problems, with my allergies from a musty basement, woke up kinda dizzy, and congested. Took my products, and a few drops in my nose, felt better almost right away.   Gonna double up on Mega D. Sure glad we have these products


"We have been using and introducing others to the special liquid zeolite and special mushroom product for many years. It was exciting to read about the synergy between the two when the liquid zeolite is combined with the more potent form of the special mushroom in the MegaDefense capsules. We live in Europe so we did not get any immediately, but when we read a testimonial about the impact of MegaDefense on allergies we had to try it. My wife, Kimiyo, has a long history of battling with pollen allergies. We live on the coast where the grass and tree pollen does not have as much impact on her. But the very first time she tried a capsule she felt an immediate difference. Her system is very sensitive to air quality, and it was like suddenly moving into clean air for her.

Soon after she was working with a therapist who was testing her for the suitability of various supplements that she had been taking.   MegaDefense gave an immediate 10 out of 10 score - even though the therapist had never come across it before. She was amazed. And Kimiyo continues to feel a very clear difference!" ~Richard M.


This testimonial from Suraya G. was too good not to share, "Living in Wine Country in Temecula, surrounded by hundreds of blooming citrus and vines, every year at this time I suffer with horrible eye allergies. My eyes swell shut and the delicate skin around my eyes peel. After 12 days of taking MegaDefense, the allergy is gone!"


We have had a super tough spring for allergies this year.  Since March my eyelids have been swollen all day and every day ... swollen and red itchy and feel like the skin is rubbed raw.  During the day they swell even more ... so my eyeliner usually ends up about a 1/4 of the way up.  I am sure friends and family are wondering what’s up with the new odd makeup look.  In a very short time after starting Mega Defense I am so much better.  My eyelids are barely swollen and they feel normal again.  I look forward to taking my Mega Defense daily.  I am so grateful.  People need to be on this product.  It is amazing.


After using zeolite for a while, I don`t have allergies anymore like I used to.  They are just non-existent. -- from Jan in Orville


I had severe food allergies to a lot of the berry fruits and fresh tomatoes – all foods that I love.  I wouldn’t even eat a lot of them and I would break out in hives.  And it wasn’t just a mild case of hives.  They would cover my body.  I would end up on antibiotics and, one time, it got so bad that I had to go on steroids.  The hives would swell with puss.  I'd have pain, and fever and chills. I went through this a lot.

After taking liquid zeolite for a while, and getting my bodied cleaned out, I slowly introduced the berry fruits and the foods that I had been unable to eat previously.  I also should tell you that I was chemically sensitive to a lot of things.  Now, I can eat anything I want.  Nothing bothers me.  I don’t have to watch the amount of berry fruits or anything that I eat, and chemicals don’t bother me like they used to.  So that’s a big, big plus for me, because I love all the berry fruits and like to eat all these nice fresh fruits and vegetables, - From Sandy – Southington, CT


I’ve been plagued with allergies most of my entire adult life and I’m 52, so for about 20 years.  And the doctors would say, “take the Clariton.  Take this.  Take that.”  But I never would.  I would try saline solution.  I would try petty-pot.  I would try some things that might help.  I would cut out wheat.  I’d cut out dairy.  But I still always would wake up stuffy every morning.  Well, ever since – it’s been about 5 months.  5 or 6 months since I’ve been taking the liquid zeolite.  So for about 4 months I don’t wake up stuffy anymore.  It’s quite miraculous.  Thank you - from Flora.


I’m Lynn, from the Seattle area, Washington.  I have had allergies for a long, long, time.  It was getting to the point where I was taking allergy medicine practically every day.  Since I have been on all this good stuff (for the past 4 or 5 months), I have not had an allergy attack for probably two or three months.  So I don’t have to buy any allergy medication anymore.  I have not had to use it.  This has been a long term thing that I’ve fought for twenty years. I no longer have to take any allergy medication, and I’m just so happy about it.


My husband has some seasonal allergies and his eyes get very itchy, red and swollen.  I asked him to put a drop of liquid zeolite in each eye.  Well now he does it everyday by himself.  I overheard him telling my uncle that these are the best drops he has every used in his eyes at allergy time.  He said that it works for hours unlike the prescriptions you get from the doctor!  This is the first year that he has not suffered really from the seasonal allergies.  We live in northeast Pennsylvania where the pollen is awful!!  Michelle.   


My name is Pete.  I’ve been on a product line now for 5, almost 6 months.  I initially got on it at the urging of a good friend.  Actually, several months of urging.  I immediately saw effects in terms of my gastric reflux which I suffered from for years.  Had surgery to try to correct it.  It still didn’t work.  Within a few weeks on this I greatly improved to the point now where I’m on no medication whatsoever, so that made me a believer.   But then, a surprising benefit was that I’ve been zurtec for almost 8 years now, and decided just kind of cold turkey to get off it since I was taking zeolite and some of the other products.  And now I have very little in terms of allergy symptoms.  Living here in Columbia you’ve got tremendous opportunities for allergies.  Although I may get itchy eye occasionally or a little bit of sneezing, it’s nothing compared to what it was.  I’m totally off the medication so it’s a great thing to be in this place and not have to deal with prescriptions anymore.


I have been taking zeolite since before it came on the market and have not had any allergy or sinus infections that I had been plagued with since birth (I'll be 60 in a couple of weeks).  

About 5 weeks ago I was at a meeting in which the room had been divided by a portable wall.  A youth group on the other side of the wall was playing dodge ball and a fog machine was being used to make it more difficult to see the ball.  Periodically hit the portable wall.  Within 10 minutes of being at the meeting, I experienced an unquenchable thirst and drank 48 ounces of water in 1 1/2 hours.  During the rest of the evening and night, things got much worse.  

Long story short, there must have been something in the dust/insulation in the portable wall that I really reacted to causing 3 weeks of almost nonstop coughing, lack of sleep, and a sense of dehydration.  The doctor prescribed medication that I was unable to tolerate and other medication that did not help but I increased my dose of zeolite to 15 drops 4 times a day.  When I made that simple change, my symptoms started to improve.  My voice is back to normal from the bass voice I experienced and the coughing is gone.  I spoke to Rik  and Stewart  when I was sick and we all agreed that had I not been on the zeolite when this occurred, I probably would have left my meeting by ambulance.  - Kelley from Ohio

ALLERGIES (Children's Allergies)

Hi.  My name is Dillon.  I’m from  North Carolina .  I have had very bad allergies for the past couple of years.  And this year is starting to affect my allergies.  I failed two hearing tests that we had at school, and a note was sent home from the school to my parents.   And I had to go to the doctor and I may have had to have tubes in my ears.  And when I got there, they gave me this prescription drug saying that if this doesn’t help I would have to have the tubes in my ears.  And I’d be checked again in 30 days.

Then, when we got back home my Mom read all the side effects and everything about it (the prescription) and she said, “No way.  Shove this straight into the cupboard.”  And then she said “Let’s try this”.  And she brought out the zeolite and said we’ll take 10 drops three times a day.  And I went back to the doctor after a month, and the doctor said “Wow. That prescription really helped.”  But I knew it wasn’t that.  And now I always take zeolite.


I was so environmentally ill that I couldn’t go any place.  I had severe allergies.  I couldn’t be a room with someone who wore perfume, or hair spray, or go to a store that might have candles, or any of that kind of stuff in it.  I was extremely environmentally limited.  I wouldn’t go to a concert, or anywhere there were crowds, or even some stores.  In a grocery store, if I walked by certain foods I would get dizzy.  It was pretty catastrophic for me.

I’m not saying I’m totally cured, but I am saying I am able to travel, and I had three trips last year, and am looking forward to Convention in a couple of weeks.  Yesterday I did a presentation in someone’s house, she served in sandwiches food that I’m very allergic to - Salmon.  I sat there and didn’t get sick.  I didn’t eat it .. But I didn’t get sick.  I didn’t have to leave the room, which I normally would.  – Bev,PEI,Canada


I have had 15 low grade allergies for over 35 years.  I would have a lot of sinus drainage all year round.  My allergies were not severe enough to get shots.  I was just the sheer number of allergies, so not relief.  I started taking a mushroom product  just because I believed it would help with general health.  After a week I noticed no more drainage, no more sneezing fits, no every other day coughing fits that always lasted 15 to 20 minutes.  Gone, gone, gone.     That is a major life improvement for me.      -  JC from  Virginia


“Hi, this is Debbie from  Kankakee , Illinois , and I’m calling regarding a testimony I have with my allergies.  Every season I had severe allergies, it was just something - the doctors really didn’t know what to do with me.  Sometimes I would even get pneumonia from it.  And, I also had some asthma problems.  Needed an inhaler once in a while.  Anyway, I had searched for the best natural cures out there because I really don’t believe in drugs.  They only made me lethargic from the time I was a child, and, tired and all.  So I was on what I thought were the best supplements for it.  It turned out being 10 – 25 pills a day, and being the bad swallower that I am, I really didn’t care for that.  It took me what seemed like eternity to swallow them.  So then along came the zeolite product  through a friend and I said, “yes, that sounds like it would be even better”.  And it was.  I took it, and stayed on the maximum dosage for a while, and now I’m down to where I take less, but I am just so much better.  I’m cured of my allergies, whereas before I still had some of the symptoms I don’t have now.  I can even be around cats, which used to swell my eyes up.  And, so I just wanted to share this wonderful testimony with you because I feel like I have a new life in my health because of zeolite.  There is nothing out there like it and I hope you will share it with all your friends and family and people you come across this Christmas season because it can help many.  And being that it is Christmas, I wish everyone a happy, healthy Christmas and that they all would share health -- the best gift of all.”


“Hi.  My name is Vicky.  I’m a physician assistant.  I have a grandson who was born with tremendous amounts of allergies, and he has asthma attacks so severely he’s been hospitalized five times in the first two years of life.

When he was two was about the same time that I learned about this company, and I started him on the zeolite.  Since that time his results have been absolutely remarkable.  He has not been hospitalized once.  He has not had a severe asthma attack.  He has not had to take any medication for asthma.  All the rashes on his body have cleared up.  He’s growing well.  He is now a healthy four-year-old, and just doing great. 

I have also observed that when he’s having - when he does get one of his food- triggered, because he is severely allergic to dairy products, eggs, nuts, and when he does get hold of something accidentally, he gets very feverish and very lethargic.  I’ve given him the product within about 15 minutes, he perks back up and is back to his normal self.  So, I have been just grateful so much for this amazing product.   Thank you.


“My name is John from Tampa,  Florida , and the product I’d like to mention is the zeolite.  I’ve been taking the product for about a year and half now and have completely eliminated my allergies that have plagued me so badly for many, many years.  Recently I had my blood checked.   My doctor put it under a microscope and we looked at the results up on a TV monitor.  His first question was, “How old are you?”  I said, “66”.  And he said “You’ve got the blood of a 30-year-old”.  He said, “You have absolutely no effects from environmental pollution, chemicals, heavy metals or toxins.  Nothing at all”. 

He went on to explain that in your late thirties, you start getting a lot of kind of junk in the blood, and he pronounced me to be in outstanding health as far as the blood was concerned.  Thanks zeolite."”


“Hi.  My name is Barb P. I’m from Tipp City,  Ohio.  I’ve had very good experience with zeolite.  I’ve had asthma and allergies since I was about 11 years old and I don’t need my inhaler (Asthmacort) anymore.  I’m not using it --- I’m just taking zeolite.   When I find that I’m getting a little bit of asthma, I just take additional zeolite and it’s just worked wonders for me.  So hopefully this will help the lady with the condition with the allergies.  Thank you.”

Alzheimer's Disease

The primary cause of Alzheimer’s is “iatrogenic” disease caused by chronic low level mercurial poisoning.

I'm on the right track! Taking a proactive stance, I consume the special zeolite product and my mercury levels have gone down from 5.4 to 1.  I'm due for another test, and I'm fairly certain mercury will be undetectable. Now to get the lead, cadmium, barium, uranium, aluminum, cesium, arsenic, bismuth, gadonolium, nickel, thallium, and tin out, and I'll be a happy, active senior citizen.    Kimberly F.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Chuck is one of the people who has experienced incredible relief using the product.  Using not just the zeolite, also using a mushroom product and a healthy aging product.  The very first thing that he talks about that it helped so tremendously was balance.  It helped his balance amazingly.  It helped his wandering situation with his limbs wandering at night.  And they would wander all across the bed uncontrollably.  He had other uncontrolled movement and he had just literally a tremendous loss.  One of the things that the doctor had suggested was that he would be completely wheelchair bound in three months. Of course, it is a life-threatening situation.  Chuck started talking on these calls about 11 months into that particular crisis diagnosis, and instead of getting worse, he was getting better.  And he continued to get better all through this time when he was supposed to be leaving.  He still hasn’t gone, and I don’t think he has any intentions of going, but he has the ability to do so much more than he did before he took this product.  And he continues to take it, and he takes it because it works.


Danny's mom has lots of health issues and she has been anemic to the point of having to have transfusions several times, she also has problems with her blood sugar and high blood pressure.  She started taking the maintenance dose of zeolite last June and last week she went back for her blood tests and they all came back perfect.  There was no sign of being anemic and her blood sugar was perfect.   The doctors couldn't believe it and wanted to know what she was doing different.  We just wanted to share this with everyone. -Danny and Becky W


“This is Becky  and it is a product testimony on zeolite.  My husband’s mother has been anemic to the point of having to have transfusions several times a year.  She also has problems with her blood sugar and high blood pressure.

She started taking the maintenance dose of the product last June and in October she went back for her blood tests and they all came back perfect.   There were no signs of being anemic and her blood sugar was perfect.  The doctors couldn’t believe it and wanted to know what she was doing differently.  Thank you.”


I suffered for years with depression which is on a par with anxiety insomuch that it keeps you isolated from normal living! I found the special zeolite product  through John G. I did not jump at it as I thought I knew everything there was to know about my health, but got persuaded by the testimonials to give it a go ! 

I did the 4 week detox and FELT my brain crawling ! My depression lifted like a blanket being taken off! It was the most exhilarating feeling I had ever had! Since then I am sane, happy and since the MegaDefense has been available my heart problems (mother and father both died of heart attacks) have disappeared and latest breakthrough is: no more urinary incontinence! I was starting to think that an operation was inevitable but one morning it just STOPPED being a problem and the only difference in my life was the MegaDefense ! 

Thank you John for my new life and thank you Waiora for making these amazing products! I know it's my body that does the healing, but the fact that it can now work without the load of toxins is pretty awesome!" ~Barbara L.


Yesterday I had testing done, checking my BMI, metabolism, muscle vs. fat, etc.  Well, I need to do more muscle building (no surprise).  However, my organs were found to be 15 years younger than my chronological age.  WooHoo!!  These supplements have paid off! The Tester said it was the best she has ever seen!! It is about prevention. Thank you!!! - Sheila D. 


I need to share a testimony about liquid zeolite.  I started using it approximately 2 months ago and the results are astounding.

First of all within the first week of taking the product I noticed an immense amount of energy, so much so I don't need coffee in the mornings like I had to have before, my focus and concentration, mental clarity is much, much better - no grumpy days the list goes on and on.

The number one thing that still amazes me is this. No more antidepressants, which I have been on for seventeen years.  A month and a half later and still do not need for them. Before I started taking liquid zeolite, without the meds I really could stay in bed forever because I was so weighed down. This has been an absolute godsend . Thanks again,   Justin G.


Eddie is a 14 year old from Nicaragua with Aplastic Anemia.  Eddie actually died on December 22, 2007 and was placed on life support.  The mother decided to have him taken off the machine and so the hospital in Managua made her take him home.  Everyone prepared for the funeral that evening.  When the car came up to the house Eddie went in and went to bed.  Eddie woke up hungry around midnight so they found him a sandwich.  The next day Eddie was up doing things for Christmas.  Eddie started taking the drops in July and was feeling great.  But he ran out of the drops and ended back up in the hospital.  Every 8 days Eddie has to go for blood transfusions.&n bsp; We even donated for him.  September 10, 2008 we took another child to the hospital in Managua. We were at the hospital all day, and we went to visit Eddie and take him some more zeolite and a mushroom product.  So Eddie is now taking them again.  He stated he feels much better when he is taking them.


“Hi.  Sarah, from Bourbonnais,  Illinois.  I’m calling in regard to my sister, Becky, in  New Jersey .  She was giving zeolite to her 3-yr-old sun who was diagnosed in August with childhood Apraxia, and since started this wonderful product they have had significant improvement in his condition with regard to verbalization and repeating words and sounds.  Before this he had not said a word.  And he is 3 years, 4 months.  I wanted to pass that on because that’s a significant improvement.  Thank you for listening.”


My name is Roberto from Florida.  I have had severe arthritis in my back for several years which caused me a lot of pain.   Since taking liquid zeolite for about a month now, the back pain is about 95% gone and I have avoided using those strong pain killers which were recommended to me. I am very happy about that.


Last year I broke my ankle shovelling snow.  When we finally figured out it was broken, the doctor told me I would be wearing the big ole black orthopedic boot until Christmas.  I had the test results.  The doctor told me I was developing a little arthritis and a little ‘Uncle Arthur’ in your feet.  So he was pushing for me to pay $350 for orthotics for my feet, and wearing this boot for the next six months, and I decided ‘I’m not going there’.

So I ordered in a pack of liquid zeolite and a whole bunch of a healthy aging product and I started doing 100 drops a day, hoping to strip out all of the nasty stuff in my feet and taking four doses of the 3 tablets a day of a healthy aging product.  I thought if I’m stripping all the bad stuff I want to fill it full of all the good stuff, and get over this problem faster rather than later.

So, I did that for six weeks and at the end of that six weeks I threw the boot in the garbage and I haven’t worn it since and I haven’t missed it in the least.  I am back to all of my regular activities all before they told me I’d even be out of the boot.  I walk with my dog three miles a day.  I have really no problems at all with something that they told me was going to be a major disability for a long, long, time to come.  – Sandra


I was introduced to a healthy aging formula quite by accident.  I was diagnosed with arthritis in both of my knees.  The arthritis occurred because of too much working out and too many lunges!  I am way too young to have these issues.  When I asked my orthopedist what I could do about this, he said "Ibuprofen".  For the rest of my life?  I don't think so.  I know that it is not good for my liver or my kidneys.  A new friend suggested I try a healthy aging formula.   After seven days; I had no pain in my knees.  For six months now I have no pain in my knees, my workouts are great, and my recovery from my workout is much quicker! 


My grandmother of 86 yrs has been in failing health for the past 3 years.  She has emphysema, asthma and arthritis.  For the past eight months her ability to even walk across her apartment has been a struggle due to lack of energy, breathing problem and joint pain.  She has literally not left her apartment except for an occasional doctor’s appointment in months. As my aunts and I would take care of her, the future seemed bleak.

On August 16th I visited her and shared a heart essentials product and the zeolite.  I gave her the information, asked her to read it and gave her the product.  I explained to her that trying it would not hurt her and if it helped it would be wonderful, but what did she have to lose?  It was all natural and I was giving it to her! 

She began taking the zeolite right away and I spoke to her for the first time yesterday afternoon.  Her voice was GREAT!  Her exact words “Debbi, I FEEL WONDERFUL,  I do not know what this has done but I can breath, my energy level is back and in fact, sorry I missed your call earlier, but I went shopping at Wal-Mart!”

She said her ability to walk and her energy level had increased tremendously so please, order her more and she will pay for it this time. I have not heard this excitement from her in a long time!  Thank you zeolite for bringing life back into someone I love very much!       Debbi G.   Tulsa Oklahoma


“Hi.  My name is Mary.  My story starts with my husbands recurring prostate cancer.  After putting him on the zeolite product, his MRI came back cancer free.  The radiation, though, left him with severe arthritis and myopathy, which is nerve damage, which causes him to lose the loss of his legs.  After two weeks on the mushroom product and the healthy aging product, he is up and walking.  No more wheelchair or walker are needed.  We love this product and everyone should be on them.  Thank you.”


My name is Karen.  I was introduced to your product from a friend, and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and Rheumatoid arthritis.  My friend sent me a bottle of the daily nutrients and I said “OK, I’ll try it.  I tried everything else.”  And I am now on the healthy aging product, and I have the zeolite, and the juice, and I’ve been on it for 6 weeks, and I feel better than I have in 5 years.  I am totally sold and excited.   I have become a distributor and I am really focusing on both feeling good and in the business.  Thank you very much for introducing me to this product.”


My 93 year old mother has had arthritis of the knee for years. It has been hard for her to get around and sleep at night. After being on the zeolite for just three days, she experienced relief from the pain and awakens in the morning pain free. She has been on numerous arthritis medications but nothing has worked except zeolite."   Rose M.,  AL

ARTHRITIS (Osteoarthritis)

WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME  Some of you know that I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia about 2 years ago. I started feeling bad in 2003 after Evie was born.

After being diagnosed with migraines, chondritis and pleurisy and tested for Lupus, MS and the Doctor telling me he was not seeing anything that would be causing my symptoms for almost 4 years he finally decided to send me to a rheumatologist.   Once I was diagnosed I started taking darvocet and muscle relaxers to control my pain. I was up to at least 2 darvocet and 1 muscle relaxer on a good day. I stayed in bed as much as possible being a mother of 3 and was getting worse and depressed. Last May I decided to go to work part time so I would be forced out of the house and off the couch.

Thankfully my position has not required me to work a set schedule or I never would have been able to keep the job. Some mornings I was not able to get together before noon due to the pain and fatigue. Taking a shower often required a nap. Of course our home, our children and even my ability to keep up with the bills have suffered. The brain gets a bit groggy on all those meds!!!!

My boss and dear friend introduced me to a company by giving me the product he thought would help me. I had the zeolite and a healthy aging product for about 6 weeks before I was serious about trying it. I started with zeolites and began to see improvement. So I added a healthy aging product and I have not had a Darvocet or Muscle Relaxer for nearly a month. I have much more energy, my house, the bills and MY Children are getting the attention they need and deserve. The laundry room actually has a floor!

Our crazy South Dakota weather has caused me some pain in the last couple days but I still have not had to take even an ibuprofen. Because of the pain I was often up 2 to 5 times a night which just added to the pain and fatigue cycle, then I tried a sleep strip. I get to sleep in 20 minutes and sleep until a child wakes me. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. I can actually get the kids to school and daycare and be at work by 9:00 A.M. Now! And I feel like I actually could exercise!

My oldest son will normally spend up to 2 hours at bedtime complaining about this and that and has a hard time going to sleep. Of course he is then crabby in the morning. I give him 1/3 of a sleep strip and he is getting to bed and sleeping much better.   Yesterday a friend asked me about hysterectomies and hormone replacement. As I was telling her about it I realized that once I started a healthy aging product I quit having night time hot flashes. I have also noticed a large decrease in shoulder pain from my surgery in 2006.

I had no intention of becoming a distributor until I felt the results   I want to share this company and product with everyone!!! I know it works, its the best combination of science and nature out there!!!!!!

If you are interested in this company or the products PLEASE call me! It will change your Life now and Help you live longer and Healthier!!!!


ARTHRITIS (Rheumatoid)

“Pat, city of  Johnson Mills .  I have a 77-year-old mother with rheumatoid arthritis and after two months on the zeolite and the healthy aging product, she has been able to get out of bed on her own, and dress herself, and walking much better.  Prior to taking these natural products, she was unable to get around much.   She was in pain constantly.  And, so, since she has been on this she has been much better.  Thank you much.”


“Hello.  This is Mark from Lone Tree,  Colorado , using the healthy aging product.  I have severe arthritis in both shoulders.  For years was unable to ski or golf without pain, and unable to lift my baby daughter over my head.  When I started using this product, in a matter of a few weeks, the pain was going away.   Obviously, the arthritis hasn’t, but the pain has reduced to the point where I seldom have any pain, rather than almost always having pain.  It’s a great product.  Thank you.”


My story.  I had asthma as a newborn.  I outgrew my asthma, but I have dealt with allergies and eczema pretty much my whole life.  I also have a birth defect, a hip deformity.

Twenty some years ago, after 4 pregnancies, I was having debilitating discomfort in my hip and lower and upper back.  I had a series of injections in my spine, physical therapies, chiropractic, massage name it. I could not get past a certain point. I couldn't function without anti-inflammatories, didn't sleep well because of my discomfort, so I became depressed...became a vicious cycle.  I was ready for a hip replacement. That was 15 years ago.

That is when my wellness journey began.  15 years ago, someone cared enough to share with me and I was introduced to natural solutions.   I have avoided hip replacement surgery, I am off all medications, and can enjoy activities I couldn’t before.  Four years ago, I started taking a liquid zeolite product, which took me to another level.  It has enhanced everything else I was doing.  Two years ago, I added a special mushroom product.  This is the first year that we were able to open our windows spring, summer, fall without allergy symptoms…itchy eyes, runny nose, etc...and we live in the middle of 2 hay fields.

Live with Passion,  Lynn


My grandmother of 86 yrs has been in failing health for the past 3 years.  She has emphysema, asthma and arthritis.  For the past eight months her ability to even walk across her apartment has been a struggle due to lack of energy, breathing problem and joint pain.  She has literally not left her apartment except for an occasional doctor’s appointment in months. As my aunts and I would take care of her, the future seemed bleak.

On August 16th I visited her and shared a heart essentials product and the zeolite.  I gave her the information, asked her to read it and gave her the product.  I explained to her that trying it would not hurt her and if it helped it would be wonderful, but what did she have to lose?  It was all natural and I was giving it to her! 

She began taking the zeolite right away and I spoke to her for the first time yesterday afternoon.  Her voice was GREAT!  Her exact words “Debbi, I FEEL WONDERFUL,  I do not know what this has done but I can breath, my energy level is back and in fact, sorry I missed your call earlier, but I went shopping at Wal-Mart!" She said her ability to walk and her energy level had increased tremendously so please, order her more and she will pay for it this time!  I have not heard this excitement from her in a long time!  Thank you zeolite for bringing life back into someone I love very much!       Debbi G.   Tulsa Oklahoma


“Hi.  My name is Vicky.  I’m a physician assistant.  I have a grandson who was born with tremendous amounts of allergies, and he has asthma attacks so severely he’s been hospitalized five times in the first two years of life.

When he was two was about the same time that I learned about this company, and I started him on the zeolite product.  Since that time his results have been absolutely remarkable.  He has not been hospitalized once.  He has not had a severe asthma attack.  He has not had to take any medication for asthma.  All the rashes on his body have cleared up.  He’s growing well.  He is now a healthy four-year-old, and just doing great.  I have also observed that when he’s having - when he does get one of his food- triggered, because he is severely allergic to dairy products, eggs, nuts, and when he does get hold of something accidentally, he gets very feverish and very lethargic.  I’ve given him the natural cellar defense and within about 15 minutes, he perks back up and is back to his normal self.  So, I have been just grateful so much for this amazing product.   Thank you.


“Hi.  My name is Bec.  I live in San Antonio , Texas , and the product that we are using is the detox.  And my daughter has suffered from Asthma since infancy, starting at about 3 months.   She is now 20 years old   We have struggled all these years to find something to help relieve her asthma, and since we got her on the zeolite product- she has been on it now for 3 months – and within two weeks the asthma has disappeared and she no longer struggles with that.  Thank you much.”


“Hi.  My name is Barb P. I’m from  Tipp City , Ohio .  I’ve had very good experience with zeolite. I’ve had asthma and allergies since I was about 11 years old and I don’t need my inhaler (Asthmacort) anymore.  I’m not using it --- I’m just taking zeolite.   When I find that I’m getting a little bit of asthma, I just take additional zeolite and it’s just worked wonders for me.  …… So hopefully this will help the lady with the condition with the allergies.  Thank you.”


“Sarah, from Burbany,  Illinois.  Zeolite is the product, and it has worked and done wonders for my 13-yr-old who was diagnosed with asthma back when she was an infant.  She has not had to use an inhaler since starting this product.  We do carry one for emergency but she’s never had a cause to use it due to this product.  Thank you. 



I was diagnosed with ataxia about two years ago. It is a disease of the cerebellum, mine is about 15% gone. The cerebellum controls co-ordination, movement, balance, hand writing and speech. My doctors say nothing can be done to regain the cerebellum and little besides physical and speech therapy can be done to hold back the progression of the disease. After extensive tests my doctor diagnosed the cause as heavy metal exposure.

So, when the special liquid zeolite was introduced to me, it peaked my interest.

I started taking it about two months ago. Within a few days I thought I was talking and thinking much clearer. Many people verified my thoughts and on their own commented on the drastic improvement of my speech.

My doctor tests me as to walking and co-ordination when I see her about every 5 months. She noted improvement as to my speech before her test. I had the test 5 times in the past two years.  This most recent test, about a month ago was the only one ever with improvement. - Brian C.


For three years I took medication for Attention Deficit Disorder.  I was the Executive Director for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Sarasota/Tampa Bay, Inc.  My chapter covered nine counties and I found the medication helped me to stay on top of the many responsibilities and demands of this incredibly wonderful organization.  The only downside was that there was a 3 to 4 hour window when the medication was at its peak and then the let down period began. Problem was that many of my days lasted 9 and 10 hours.

I was introduced to the zeolite product and the daily nutrients in March of 2007. I had ceased taking my medication nine months earlier, to just give my body a chance to clean out. I never did think taking prescription medication for long periods was a good thing. Within one week of taking those two supplements I found myself in a state that was almost euphoric.  I felt energized, had a sense of clarity and well-being and the best part was it didn't just last 3 to 4 hours. There was no "let-down" feeling, no afternoon slump and no caffeine-type jitters. I attribute my reaction to the fact that I had begun to clear my body of the toxin's that I didn't even realize had been affecting it and ingesting more nutrients than I ever had before, with my sporadic use of taking vitamin pills. I am as passionate about this company and how it can attribute to everyone's health as I was about the joy Make-A-Wish brought to seriously ill children. I know from this experience that I will never have to go on medication for my ADD, again, and that I will continue keeping my body clean, healthy and focused with the natural products this company has to offer.


“Hi, this is Greer.  We’re from  Harrells ,  North Carolina and we have been taking the zeolite product since September – all of us in our household.

My daughter is in first grade.  She has some ADD – not the hyperactivity but a little bit of a concentration issue that comes along with her ADD.  Since we’ve been on the product she has made a tremendous turnaround as far as completing her work in school and getting her work in to her teacher in a very timely manner.  So, we should see a big difference in Morgan’s grades.

And again, my name is Greer.  We’re from  Harrells ,  North Carolina , and my daughter, who is in first grade, is making a tremendous come-back with her grades and stuff and her teachers can definitely tell it.”

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

Here is our personal testimony about Laura Jean . . . Tuesday, January 6, 2009 A Miracle at Our House 

Have you ever felt that there was something beautiful locked up in your special needs child? Have you ever wished there was some magic potion or just prayer that could normalize the brain chemistry so the mind could be accessed?

Twelve years ago, when Laura Jean arrived in our home at 10 hours old, we thought she couldn’t be more perfect even though her birth mother had mental illness as a result of drug & alcohol abuse. It took just a few months to realize that this little doll was either extremely strong willed or damaged psychologically. By 3 or 4 she was so defiant we were at our wits end. At age 6, I started home schooling her. She was so distracted and unable to focus that I literally sat beside her and pointed out each problem so she could stay on task. Her two birth brothers were also part of our family and had various attention and anger issues. At age 9, while seeing a counselor, we learned that Laura had severe (85%) ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder.) At least that explained why her behavior was so obnoxious and disruptive! ADHD is usually inherited and we have three siblings with it. Our home has gradually become a war zone, chaotic, and highly dysfunctional. Laura screams several times daily, especially when she is over focused and doesn’t want to transition into the next event or area. They all kick, hit, poke, annoy, and create tension constantly. However, Laura has been the least capable of controlling herself or being reasonable. She is angry all the time and thrives on verbal fighting.

Laura was getting worse everyday. I was exhausted with her abnormal sleep patterns, and we were all sleep deprived. She would stay up to 10:30 PM, or 11:30 PM sometimes 12:30 AM before she could go to sleep. Our family was failing and nothing was working? There seemed no hope except maybe putting her on drugs so we could have a life.

Then someone mentioned a new product that cleans toxins out of your body. We looked at the website and discovered a testimony on ADHD. It was transformational, and we were desperate. Within a couple weeks we got our first shipment of ZEOLITE. At first we gave her the usual 9 drops daily plus a sleep product. The sleep product was amazing. Instead of restlessly defying sleep for 2-3 hours each evening, she was asleep in 20-30 minutes. We were told to up her dosage to 30 drops/day for the first month. Within a couple days, the miracle happened. Almost suddenly, Laura was calm. She was smiling, enjoying family games. When asked to do something, she complied. She didn’t bug anyone to the point of exasperation any more. She wasn't bouncing off the walls in the evening. For the first time in years, she actually obeyed instead of doing the opposite of whatever she was asked. Could this be the same child? Was I dreaming? 

Now, six days later, we are learning absolutely everything we can about liquid zeolite. How does it work? Is it scientific? What else does it do?  We are learning that the body heals itself once the toxins are eliminated. So, we heard testimonies last night about arthritis, autism, asthma, epilepsy and real bad bouts of seizures, cancer, visual problems, etc. So many people's bodies are healing themselves once the toxins are out!

"For he who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything." Owen Arthur


“Hi.  My name is Kim.  I guess my testimonial – I’ve got a few – I’ll try to mention quick.  While I was at the Conference in the middle of March – about two weeks prior to that my wife D’arcy and my son Joshua both started on the daily nutrients and the zeolite.   And it was actually while I was at Conference that I talked to my wife D’arcy one night, and she said that my son’s teachers commented that he was almost completely different. 

They couldn’t believe the change he had made.  He was more involved in classroom participation, his homeroom teacher said.  And the math teach said he was getting his homework completed in school now and not having to bring it home.  And then his reading teach said he was the only one that got an ‘A’ on a reading test and normally he is a really good reader but he struggles with comprehension to remember, you know, for a test the next day.   So it’s kind of ironic they all had mentioned that this.  My wife is a school teacher as well, so they – all these three teachers had seen her in the hall at different times and had shared this with her, so she shared that with me while I was at the Conference.


We've often heard of the potential benefits of the special for children with autism. This testimonial from Waiora leader Elaine G., illustrates the big hope this little bottle may offer.

"It is always so rewarding when making a difference in someone’s life, for me especially a child. Noah is a 12 year old with autism. His parents understand the importance of getting rid of toxins and especially heavy metals, so they were open to hearing about NCD. He started slow, and after just the first few days, they noticed his eyes were more focused and not drifting. In just 3 weeks, he is back riding his bicycle that he hasn’t rode for years. Imagine what is in store for him!"


My son Dylan 4, has autism. He was diagnosed before the age of 2 years. What a challenge or lives have been.

I was given some zeolite for him to try which has been great! I noticed changes in him within a week. Talking, eating, sleeping, drinking more water, has improved alot. He deals with big crowds better and the best thing is he POOPS more regular he was always constipated and he even goes on the potty. YEAH!! We never thought that would happen.

I did take my son off the zeolite for a couple weeks. I remember my mom saying "you have to put him back on I see the difference, we will figure out a way to buy this stuff.  The price is worth all the things my son has improved on.

His Dr. even said if he is doing well and to keep giving it to him. He did not see any reason why not to give it to him, as it is all natural products.

My son is even in a 4k setting this year and at the beginning of last year we did not see that happening. I remember getting the call from the teacher saying we are putting him in 4k with all the other kids. I instantly started crying, I was so happy

Liquid zeolite has been a great product for my son and we plan to continue using it.

He is currently taking 4-5 drops 3x a day of zeikute and 1 shot of daily nutrients also 2 drops of a mushroom product 2x a day -- (from Tammy R)


A friend of mine, knowing that I was a Vietnam Veteran that has PTSD,  said that liquid zeolite should help me with the issues that I had and that I should really try the product and give it a chance. And so I did!, and I am so happy that I did, because it has literally given me my life back, it has helped me so much that I just knew that it would help my grand-daughter who was diagnosed with Autism, sure enough almost immediate results took place, that my daughter was called to meet with the teacher that takes care of the autistic children where my grand-daughter goes and was told of the amazing changes in her child.


My brothers two grandsons with autism are coming out of their autism over the last year.  They’ve been on the zeolite consistently during this time.  Both boys, after 2 weeks of being on the product, instead of just being able to put a word here and there, maybe a couple of words together, they were able to put sentences together.  The youngest one over the last summer was able to come off his seizure medication and has not had an episode of seizure since then.  He’s been doing great.  He was able to go in school this year, where he was not able to go in school before because the schools couldn’t handle him due to his violence.  He’s in school this year.  The teachers love him.  He’s focusing.  And his grandmother just said the other day that she and he were in the car and he was actually having a conversation with her for the first time.

The oldest boy, who is eight this year, has been in diapers.  He’s doing really well in school this year after being on the zeolite.  The teachers are just thrilled.  They are actually wanting him to go into regular school next year.  We were afraid that he would be made fun of because of wearing diapers, but for the last month and a half he has been going to the restroom and not using his diapers.  So we are really excited that over the summer he’ll time to just get rid of those and then he won’t be made fun of.  So, we are just absolutely blessed.


My son Brandon is 10 years old and has Autism, even though it's only a mild can still be very trying. In my path of discovering that he was going to need more than the average child, I was (and still am) searching high and low to help him overcome the Autism typicalities (mentally and physically ). After taking him to homeopaths, traditional medical, neurological and naturopathic doctors...I was wearing thin on 'what is going to give'. Taking aggressive measures to help with his diet, socializing him and keeping him active was a great start. With all the vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and fish oil...the thing I realized he needed the most was the one that I overlooked...minerals.
I started him on liquid zeolite and after a month...he seemed more present, not so distant like he was visiting outer space. When I had taken him to the Bodies exhibit he asked 'Mom, where are we going?' So I told him and he said that we had been there before. 'No we have not...I would remember' 'Yes, we have mom...remember, it was for the Walk for Autism last year'. I nearly about missed my turn when I realized he was right.
After Brandon being on the drops for 3-4 weeks the Naturopathic Doctor (who I've come to love and respect so much...a real ANGEL!) told me to keep him on the drops AND to increase the dosage. WOW! And in his testing the drops had not only shown up as "doing their job" as a positive, but the vaccines I had been working on removing from his system...WERE FINALLY GONE!!!!!! You couldn't have slapped the smile off my was a miracle! The drops are here to stay!
I believe my son is one of many who will be functionable when important people in his life show him how to take care of himself. I believe also that this is only the beginning of treating this complex condition that we call Autism.


Three and a half years ago, when I started with these product, I was taking care of a couple of autistic children in my daycare.  After speaking with their parents about the product, we put both boys on the liquid zeolite.  The younger of the two at the time was just starting kindergarten years at five and a half and at that time he was still in diapers.  He was completely non-verbal.  He was one of those kids who would be characterized as a rocker.  He couldn’t sit still or stop moving long enough even to eat.  It would take him 2 ½ hours to eat breakfast or lunch sometimes because he would take a bite and then be so distracted.  We’d have to come back to it.

Within the first two weeks of having him on the liquid zeolite, he was totally changed.   Something I’d been trying to do with this boy for 2 years.  It was over and done with and we were surprised at how quickly it got taken care of.  Into his school year, he started putting together three and four word sentences.  He started identifying all different kinds of shapes and colors.  He started doing things like building towers with blocks and not the kind of blocks that are interconnecting, but just free blocks that require concentration and balance, and things like that.  It was just amazing that after 6 weeks he started to laugh, which still impresses me so I can’t even tell you.

By the end of that school year, at the end of his kindergarten year, he went in for his evaluation through his program and they were so encouraged they put him into regular first grade classes with some time out for some speech therapy and some life skills training.  But he was actually entering regular first grade with a few time outs for some things to just help him catch up to his age group. 

Now a whole more year has gone by and he is in the second grade full time.  He is in the second grade without an autistic designation, and he is doing so well in math, he is actually doing third grade math because he finished all the second grade stuff and was bored.  He’s just done so fantastic.  - Sandra

I have a boy in my day care named Alex.   I have actually watched since he was two years old.  He is now 17.  In addition to being diagnosed with Autism at the age of 6, he was born with Down Syndrome and he’s completely deaf in one ear.  He has fairly normal hearing on one side and no auditory response on the other side.  They couldn’t even do an implant or anything to get any response.  The autism was almost like a nail in the coffin at the time.  His parents had tried everything and anything that came along.

After being on the liquid zeolite the change was just like night and day.

The timing was so perfect on the liquid zeolite because within a very, very short time frame he was participating in his new group in his first year of high school; he was very accepting of all the new people who were there to help him.  A month into it, his parents went in for their first teacher conference and took him with them.  Normally for that kind of a thing, he would just be off in a corner, or off totally in his own little world.  He sat at the table and participated in the teacher conference.  The teacher went on and on about how great he was doing.  He had learned to cook.  He had learned to do laundry.  He was so accepting of all the instructions.  He responding well to the program.

He’s developed this wonderful sense of fun.  – he goes to the home-coming dance.  He’s goes to football games.  He goes to basketball games.  He has a girlfriend.   He’s started in the Special Olympics Basketball program.  He taken trips that he never would have been able to do before because he wasn’t mature enough to be able to handle the changes in circumstances.   -  Sandra.


My niece Monica has a little 7-yr-old boy who is autistic and could not control what she calls his “fits”.  When he has a melt-down, he bites, kicks, screams, hurts people around him and himself. She has finally had to make his room safe for himself as well as other people, and when he gets into one of those melt-downs he just has to go into his room.

He is not potty-trained.  He can’t tie his own shoes and doesn’t speak in anything more than just little snippets of words.  He goes to a regular school with Special Ed with an aid at all times.

After starting him on the product, things started getting better and better.  The “fits" started to subside and lessen in their intensity.  He was willing to do things that he had not been willing to do before, like come to the breakfast table and not have a screaming conniption fit before he got there.   His papers are coming home from school looking like someone else has been writing the words for him because there is such a huge difference in the way that the printing is on the paper.  He is able to speak more clearly, and it looks like a little light bulb is going off in his eyes when his mother talks to him, like he is trying to connect and is actually trying to follow what she is talking about.

Two weeks ago the Aide who usually worked with him one-on-one every single day was out ill, so he didn’t have anyone with him that day.  Normally, he sits at the desk and watches the teacher write the vocabulary words on the board, and is able, with the help of his Aide to write down two, maybe three words that the teacher is writing, while the other children are writing all of them down.  The teacher puts up ten on the board.  Without help, he had eight of them written down when the teacher finished ten. - Marla. 


My kids and I have been taking zeolite since June 2007. My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. 

Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified, or PDD-NOS, for short, is a condition on the spectrum that has those with it exhibiting some, but not all, of the symptoms associated with classic autism. That can include difficulty socializing with others, repetitive behaviors, and heightened sensitivities to certain stimuli. 

Liquid zeolite (along with other biomedical treatments) is doing wonders in recovering my son. The progress he has made in the last year and a half is nothing short of miraculous.


My daughter, April, has autism.  I've tried other supplements with her from other companies.  It was always stuff that had to be mixed in with a beverage or hid in food.  I never really noticed any results.

I was given some liquid zeolite for her to use, which was VERY easy to "hide" in her beverage.  She had some noticeable skin tags on her neck that had been there for at least 3-4 yrs.  A lady from another company told me that they were a sign that her body wasn't getting everything it needed.  After 3 MONTHS on the liquid zeolite, the skin tags were GONE! 

After about nine months of use, we noticed an improvement in her cognitive understanding with language.  She gets 12 drops at breakfast & 12 at supper.

Once we added some fish oil to her diet, she no longer is a chronic bed wetter.

She is also on a mushroom product, which she gets 10 drops at breakfast & the child's dose of a daily nutrient


We as parents are very excited what Zeolite is doing for our daughter (Shania). Ann took it upon herself and sent us a bottle of Zeolite after I told her my daughter was diagnosed on October 28 2008 with Autism . We received our bottle of Zeolite on November 13 2008 at 2:00 and started at that time giving my Shania two drops and then two more before bedtime. After three days here is what we have discovered about Shania in JUST THREE DAYS 

  1. has stopped slapping herself.

  2. has stopped pushing and shoving her little brother 

  3. started hugging her little brother

  4. sitting very quiet and watching tv with eyes glued to tv 

  5. stopped running all through the house and screaming

  6. words are no longer slurred

  7. putting sentences together for the first time

These are really amazing trends in just three days.  Just a short note to let you know how Shania is doing . Thanks from the bottom of our hearts 


“Hi.  My name is Sarah.  I’m in  Burbany,  Illinois, and the product is zeolite.  I have a child who has been on it with autistic tendencies and asperger- related issues.  And he has come leaps and bounds while on this product.


“My name is John.   I live in  Memphis, Tennessee.  My son, John, is 12 years old and he’s autistic.  He’s been on the zeolite now for about 8 months.  And what I can tell you is, he sleeps all night long, whereas he didn’t do that beforehand.  He has recently … more in class.  His instructor – he told me – he said ‘I don’t know what in the world that you guys are giving him, but whatever it is, you need to stick with it because his focus is better than it’s ever been.’  His appetite has increased a thousand per cent.  The processing time is a lot faster now than it used to be.  We’re still working on dosages and everything, but I’m telling you, this product has made the world of difference in my son.  Thanks.”


“Hi.  My name is Madeline.  My testimonial is about my little nephew, who is not yet two years old.  He had recurring ear infections and constant fevers, literally at least once every three weeks.  He also was having other – showing different symptoms, like not responding to his name and, kind of, like, having very erratic behavior, and being very aggressive and slapping and pinching and doing all kinds of strange things

We were very worried about autism.  What we did, was, we put him on zeolite and we started three drops twice a day and built it up to five twice a day.  And he now, he is so responsive it is absolutely amazing.  He has no fevers, no ear infections, and he can count to over ten and he says all the colors and is using three-word sentences.  And he’s not even two.  So, we used this product and it is great.  Thanks.”


My son Cameron has been diagnosed as autistic since he was two year old and had stopped talking at that time. Cameron is now 6 years old and he is an affectionate, smart, playful boy. However, he continued to have problems communicating, and overall interacting with others. His school has been working with him and we had made some progress.  Cameron had difficulty sitting for long periods of time as well.  He had also had stomach problems where he would not eat or became constipated often. It is common in some autistic children to get a condition called leaky gut and although we never had him diagnosed for this, Cameron was displaying some symptoms by having various stomach issues.

We were introduced to zeolite through a friend and business associate, Don. He told us he had been using an all natural supplement that safely and effectively removes toxins from the body and he wanted us to try it because it had worked so well for him.  I immediately thought of Cameron because we knew that autism could be caused by metals or toxins in the body and since we believed this to be the case with Cameron we decided to try it not just for ourselves but for him.

Since taking the zeolite, (we started Cameron on 6 drops 3 times a day), we have been told that Cameron can sit for 45 minutes to do  class work, is talking more and interacting more with others.  He will repeat words back which is building up his vocabulary.  I can hardly keep up with the things he says now because he is observing and imitating the things he sees others do. As soon as he started taking the zeolite, his eating habits automatically improved.  Cameron has been known to be a pretty good eater so when he would not eat much or not at all on a particular day, we knew that something was wrong Before he would not really eat as much and even skip lunch at school sometimes. With the zeolite he has a healthy appetite again and no more stomach pains or problems.  We are so grateful to have been introduced to zeolite. Not only did Cameron not have any bad reaction to it, it is odorless and tasteless so we would put it in any drink or food without him knowing.  This worked out perfectly because Cameron is very sensitive to certain food texture and will not eat or drink anything that tastes “funny” to him. We really enjoy the product and will continue to use it for the overall health of Cameron   and our family.                     Thank you, Don          Chester & Christine


Hi Simon, my son Joe was diagnosed with Atypical Autism when he was 4 years and 2 months old, it took 2 years to get a diagnosis. Joe didn't talk, wouldn't look you in the eye, he was in his own little world and had a short attention span, he had some autistic traits but not others.  When he was 2 years old we were told he had glue ear, so we thought that was why he wasn't talking as his hearing was inconsistent, he had grommets fitted but it didn't make any difference to his speech.

I found out about zeolites and read the information about liquid zeolite and decided to give it a try and because it is totally natural, I knew it couldn't do any harm to my son.   So 3 months ago we started with the zeolite, then 6 weeks ago Joe started a new school for children with severe learning difficulties, he really enjoys going to school on the minibus, he has started to talk, just single words at the moment, eye contact is really good, his attention span is a lot longer and we get endless hugs and cuddles, he's a really happy little boy. 

He isn't on any other supplements or medication so I can only put the amazing change in him down to the Zeolite, in fact his teacher is surprised he is at a special school as he's such a bright boy, but she never met him before he started taking the zeolite   Joe has just turned 5 years old.   I wish I had discovered Zeolite 2 years ago and I am recommending it to other parents of children with an ASD.   Mrs M F (UK)


Hi My Name is Katy and I am David's Mom, David is a beautiful 17 year old with the mind of a 3 year old due to a bad batch of the DPT shot he received when he was nine months old. He was way ahead of schedule and was such a joy to our lives and within two weeks of the shot he was like a one month old baby again and remained that way for many years.  

He has a seizure disorder called Gennox Lasteau drop seizures, has literally hundreds of seizures a day and is severely developmentally delayed.  He has never been diagnosed with autism but has all the characteristics, he lines up his dishes, likes the area to have nothing on it but his dishes, he is repetitive in watching movies and listening to songs, he wants to watch them over and over again, and I know he has them memorized, he used to use key words to tell me what movie he wanted to watch Now he controls his own VCR and puts in whatever movie He wants to watch and sometimes we hear the same one for weeks on end!!! so the whole house has them memorized!!!!

I started David on liquid zeolite drops in May of last year and I notified his teacher to watch at school to see if he saw any significant changes.

David would have terrible tantrums, so much that I had tried for years to get help from the state to try and figure out what I was doing wrong as a mother to stop this from happening, and it was always the same result, you're doing the best you can we don't know how to help you!! 

I have to say that is the biggest thing I have noticed about the drops is his behavior is so much better.  He literally laughs at everything and says "that is so funny."  He cracks us all up because he just seems to be enjoying his life the way I have always wanted him to.  

He started the drops the end of May and his birthday was July 1st so I called the teacher and we took cupcakes to the school for him and his classmates. As we walked in he said "That's my Mom and my Ryan and my Nick and my aunt Debbie"  Then his teacher asked him if he would like white or chocolate and he said white cake please!  Debbie's husband called and she put the phone up to his ear and he said Uncle Jim I'm having Cake!!! The teacher was very impressed by this because he was actually having a conversation! 

He answers questions appropriately now and is trying real hard to be more helpful. -- Katy, Arizona 


A friend's 3-year-old grand-daughter had the H1N1 flu mist up her nose then they gave her a DPT shot and then noticed she had missed one of her DPT shots so they gave her another one. Crazy huh?  She went into full blown autism, eyes rolling back in her head, stopped talking and wouldn't let them put anything on her feet.  Kim called yesterday, she has been on liquid zeolite drops for 1 week and now her eyes are not rolling back in her head, she is talking again and they were able to put tennis shoes on her yesterday.  What a great story.  These drops are so amazing.



Please note that the zeolite mentioned in these testimonies has gone through an intensive proprietary, patented process that removes all impurities and micronizes it so it will cleanse at a cellular level.  Any zeolite that has not gone through this process will not be as effective.


“Hi.  This is Cameron Vaughan calling from British Columbia, Canada.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I placed my 70-year-old mother on the products.  We started her with daily nutrients, and a healthy aging product on March 24, when she returned from her two-week vacation in  Hawaii .  She’s had a nagging hip and back pain that had been bothering her for almost a year now, with frequent trips to a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, with no relief.  She just emailed me yesterday, and was blown away that the hip and back pain are gone.  And that’s a great testimonial for the potency that is in the nutrients, and the great formula in a healthy aging product.  So, I just wanted to let everyone know, don’t forget about those products.  They’re phenomenal, and should be taken on a daily basis.  Bye for now.”  


“Hello.  I’ve been under great  lower back pain for a while, but thanks to the zeolite product, each time I feel the pain,  I take the product -- three drops in a cup of water or any other drink, and I feel a lot better after five minutes.  Thanks for the product again. This product saved my life because there were times when I couldn’t stand up or walk, but as soon as I take the product, I feel a big change in me and the pain goes away without too much time.  


I have been taking a healthy aging product and zeolite now for about four weeks. As you know I was in a terrible accident where a loaded semi truck rear-ended me from behind at they say about 50 miles per hour as I was stopped and signaling to make a left turn, I was rushed to the emergency room at Baldwin Medical Center by ambulance in  Baldwin, WI about 6 years ago.

I had a broken lower back and a broken neck but it did not sever my spinal cord, I also had a cracked right knee. For four months they tried just therapy, and after I collapsed twice during therapy, they did a spinal gram they found the lower back had been splintered from my tailbone to my #4 lumbar vertebrae.

First the specialist did a complete lumbar surgery, he fused all my lower lumbar vertabrae to the my #4  lumbar. This was a 13 hour surgery where they open you up first in the front and move your organs aside (take out your stomach) to get at the front of your spine, then they put in the bolts and hardware, put your organs (stomach) back in and turn you over and open you up in the back and finish bolting you together after taking out the tissue between each lower lumbar of the spine. I then was placed in a plaster cast type thing that did not allow me to move that area at all.

After about a year and 6 months Dr. B said that was solid enough to now go ahead and repair my upper cervical 3,4,5 in the neck, with  another fusion, this was not as painful but it left me with restricted movement in my neck and I was not allowed to drive.

When that was healed solid enough, they went and did a total knee replacement of my right knee. The doctors told me I would never work again and would have to lead a very docile life.  As you know, "docile," is not my style.

I did extra exercise during this past summer in the heat to regain the use of my knee to the point of  complete exhaustion, I was then hospitalized in the intensive care unit at the Amery Medical Center , and needed to have IV fluids for 5 days (were fluids were put into my veins) to keep me alive.

Now I was a wreck and the doctors told me I had to realize I was not 35 years old but over sixty and had to lead this docile life style. That is when I tried extra vitamins and many other supplements to help my back pain. I could not get thru the day without about 6-8 powerful pain pills a day and could not work for more than an hour. I was not able to sleep more than two hours at a time even with 2 sleeping pills.

Then you introduced me to zeolite and a healthy aging product.  As you said, put 2 drops on my tongue morning and night of the zeolite and take healthy aging tablets 2 with breakfast and 2 at evening meal. I began to feel the difference in my body after about two weeks, I could sleep longer, did not have as much pain and could work about 4-5 hours before becoming tired.

Now this is what I did, I wanted to become pain free and so I took 4 pills in the morning and 4 pills at evening to speed up my continued feeling better. Down to 3 pain pills a day and some days none, but I developed a mild case of hives or itching. So I am back to 2 pills a day in the morning and 2 pills at evening meal and the itching has left me. So a word of caution, "follow the directions on the bottle."

I will never be remade to the age of 35 again but now as I can sleep and have 2-3 times the energy. I believe I can live with this. After my exam last week, my personal physician has lifted my" trip" limit to 2 miles and maybe after the next exam it will be unlimited. He has asked me if I had found "The Fountain of Youth" and I said  "Maybe Doc"  I will tell you my secret at my next exam.  It's hard to believe that I'm the same guy that was in bed near death in July, 2005!


BACTERIAL INFECTION (Streptococcus viridan bacteria)

Check out this link to see how the special zeolite and the mushroom product helped this lady get her health back:



Juan is a 6 year old from Nicaragua with nerve degeneration.  Juan has lived with us in Leon Nicaragua since May 12, 2008.  The child is in this condition because of the care of the mother.  Juan has lost his ability to walk, talk or see.  One thing that Juan had also was some really bad breath.  After a week of taking zeolite his breath was sweet again.  Juan still has a long road ahead but with the bad breath gone it sure helps those who are taking care of him.


I have been on the product for about 2 weeks and my son who is 4yrs old has been on liquid zeolite for about a week.  Logan, my son, has been having a lot of problems at school.  The teachers want to test him because they think something is "just not clicking" with him.  Which as any mom I am a little upset because I don't see anything wrong with my son other than he is spoiled and he is a boy that is 4 yrs old.  BUT I was asked to try liquid zeolite and I did and like I said he has only been on it for a week but I can tell that he has calmed down.  He listens and he hasn't been in any trouble at school so that is a GREAT thing.  I can't hardly wait to see how much better get gets after a couple more week.


I was testing the zeolite and a mushroom product.  The product was presented to me three weeks before my blood work appointment.  I also took some daily nutrients so I suppose all three were responsible for my good news.  I had stomach cancer in 2001.  For seven years my blood work has not been good and I have also been anemic.  I go for blood work every four months and keep getting the same results - not producing red blood cells.

Well not any more!  After three and a half weeks of taking these products, my blood work showed no more anemia and I am good on the red blood cell production!

I told you all that if this would happen that I would shout it from the mountain tops.  I want other people to give themselves a chance to get well too.


Liz lives in Baltimore and is 88 years old.  She was only on two medications.  One was a blood pressure medication, which was making her very ill.  And she was on a medication for Type II blood sugar issues, and that medication was making her ill.

When I started her on the drops, which was probably some time in the mid-September time-frame. By the next month her blood pressure had dropped.  It was now between 109 and 119, and that is where it is today, all these months later


To most people I look like your average, healthy, 30-something man, but I was having some problems like being out of balance with food; never feeling full.  I was getting a lot of mucus in my throat, which was getting worse.  I would wake up in the morning stuffed.  My sugar levels were kind of off.   After being on liquid zeolite for maybe about a month, I noticed the following changes:  My cravings started to go away.  I could actually start to control my diet.  The mucus was starting to go away.  I was generally feeling better.  It seemed like my sugar levels were balancing, I was no longer waking up out-of-balance, or needing that really big late night snack to get myself full to turn the receptors off.  I started losing weight and by the third or fourth month I had actually lost about 20 pounds.  I don’t think I would have been able to control my eating without the liquid zeolite.

Through education, the more we learned about the products, we slowly started adding other stuff too – a mushroom product after about a month, some daily nutrients about a month after that.  We started taking the a healthy aging product because we’re pretty excited about that too.  So we look forward to the results from that down the line as well. - Steve from Philadephia


Until the end of April I was taking another fiber product to control my blood sugar.  I switched to this fiber product on May 1 and instantly saw my blood sugar decrease from 130+ to the low 100's. 

Great product for anyone concerned about blood sugar.  All the best, John K


Danny's mom has lots of health issues and she has been anemic to the point of having to have transfusions several times, she also has problems with her blood sugar and high blood pressure.  She started taking the maintenance dose of zeolite last June and last week she went back for her blood tests and they all came back perfect.  There was no sign of being anemic and her blood sugar was perfect.   The doctors couldn't believe it and wanted to know what she was doing different. We just wanted to share this with everyone. -Danny and Becky W


“Hi.  My name is Sarah.  I’m in Burbany, Illinois,and the product is zeolite.  I also use this product for a child with blood sugar issues and have had excellent results with that as well.  Thank you.  And hopefully we will talk to you soon.”


I am very excited to tell you about my recent bone density test.

My family history for Osteoporosis is not a good one - in fact, my brother was diagnosed with that in his late 30's & both of my younger sisters are on medication for osteopenia, so now that I am almost 62, my concern has been real.

I was last tested in September 2006 at which time I had 'shrunk'  1 1/4 inches and was diagnosed with osteopenia.  Well, my newest results are in and they reflect that my spinal bone mass density and left hip bone mass density have improved 2% and the left femoral neck bone mass density has improved 4%.  Additionally, my height has remained the same.

Prior to the test, my doctor had said that he hoped that my stats would remain the same rather than get worse.  He never thought that without prescription medication I could have improvement.  He knows that I use activated liquid zeolite, daily nutrients and a healthy aging formula among other products from the same company.  When he called to tell me the good news today, he also said that I should continue taking the supplements I am taking.   
Please feel free to post this.
- Kelley


I’m one of those people that you would consider “very health conscious” and have been for 15-20 years.  My mother suffered from osteoporosis, so bone density screenings have been something I have been good about doing for many years now.  In spite of everything I was doing – high doses of calcium, vit D, weight bearing exercise, and even taking a supplement to increase bone density – my test results were going the wrong way.  In fact, I was told if I continued to drop at the rate that I was dropping, I would be osteoporosis in 2 years.  I was introduced to a special liquid zeolite the end of January and took 30-40 drops for several months – and still today about a year later take 20-30 drops a day.  In November, I had my annual bone density test.  The results were fabulous!  My bone density has improved by 300% and I’m almost back to where I was 5 years ago!  Amazing, when I got the garbage out (lead), the good stuff could get in.  Elaine, ID


I started using liquid zeolite in late February. I have a bone spur on each side of my neck. There was an inflamed area over the right side about the size of 1/2 of a golf ball. It was very painful. I could barely get through the day at work and when I got home all I could do was go to bed and wait 2-3 hours for the throbbing to ease up. When I started the liquid zeolite I didn't know about using more at first to detoxify so I was taking 3 drops 3 times a day. Within 2-3 days that inflamed area was gone along with the pain. 


I have a spouse that suffered a brain injury in an auto accident back in 2001.  And he had tried a lot of different alternatives with different health professionals, in healing his brain.  But he still had a lot of mental fatigue, and he would have to often nap, maybe three or four times a day, to get through the day.  With the liquid zeolite, it was almost immediate, it worked so quickly, he said it was like a brain fog had lifted off his brain.  And you know, he gets through every day now with maximum one nap.  Sometimes he doesn’t need any.  And he just keeps going, It’s remarkable how much clearer he is.  I see such a difference.  It’s a God-send.  It’s truly amazing how much better focus he has.   Barbara - Tampa


I was diagnosed with breathing problems in 2007. The pulmonologist thought I was in such bad shape that we should move to a warmer climate (we were living in North-West Iowa with wind chills of 45 below zero). We moved to Powell, TN in the summer of 2008. By chance, we talked to a friend about the first of April, 2009. She introduced us to these products and my wife and I became really excited. We enrolled and placed an order; meanwhile, with the weather, etc., I was forced to use my inhalers (actually, we are totally against "medicine"). Tuesday, April 7th, our products arrived.  It was late in the day, but we opened it up and I immediately took 6 drops of the mushroom product. That was the end of the "medicine"! No more inhalers ~ breathing is fine ~ sleeping is great again ~ and yesterday a doctor listened to my lungs and said, "No problems down there!"  What a blessing!! Always keep an open mind to what people have to say.   Ralph & Virginia


“Hi.  This is Dr. G of Carnation, Washington, and the product that I had major results with is a healthy aging product.  I shattered my wrist in seven places in a horse accident 2 years previous, and I tried lots of different products and when I got on to product, within one month of being on it I had total motion back in my wrist, and I could do pushups.  So I was very happy and have maintained that wellness for the last year.  Thank you very much.”


My mother-in-law sent me a picture of a landfill tire fire in Iowa where she is currently staying. The fire has been going on for over a week.  The air quality was so poor, at first thought it was a picture of a tornado. She messaged me for help, as she was starting to be affected health-wise, especially with her breathing, and I knew exactly what to send her way: Mega Defense. She got it about a week ago and today I followed up with her to see how it was working out for her and this is what she said:

"The morning of the day it came in I woke up early coughing like the beginning of bronchitis which I have had before. I thought, 'Oh, shoot. This landfill fire is going to give me bronchitis.' The mega defense came in that day so I took it right away. By the next day no more coughing and feeling great. I have always had to use an antibiotic previously to get rid of bronchitis. Well the landfill fire is still burning and smelling now but I am doing fine. I didn't do anything different so all I can do is credit the mega defense."
- Cherieanne


As a former welder for 3 yrs, I inhaled considerable metals and toxins.  I developed chronic tracheobronchitis.  Over several months the burning in my chest worsened, by the time I left the job I was wearing a full face respirator. The burning still remained.  Even 5 yrs after I stopped welding the burning continued.

I received zeolite from my partner for Christmas.  I started on the minimum dose of 15 drops / day.  By March I increased the dose to 30 drops / day. I remain at the 30 drops / day dose. I no longer experience any burning and my quality of breathing has improved incredibly.  Thank You. - Angelique, Ontario, Canada.


I had a bad case of Bronchitis my brother had the same, he was put on steroids and antibiotics along with an inhaler and cough syrups. I started taking the mushroom product and the zeolite and got well at the same time. I was thrilled because I didn't go to the Doctors office and wait for 2 hours, and saved money   Joan F.,  RN  


This is Mary from Durham, and this is my testimonial about bug bites and poison ivy.

Just put a mushroom product directly on the itchy spot.  The itchiness, of course, is caused by your immune response, so it needs that immune agent.  Immune boosting agent should help it.  But the marvelous result is you won’t itch at all as soon as you just dab the product on your mosquito bites or poison ivy.  

An additional testimonial regards how to help that son that’s the grown child who’s come back home to roost – let me just tell everybody – I don’t know how you classify it, but my 28-year-old who is at loose ends is just so responsive and helpful since he started the zeolite.  It’s really marvelous.  Thanks.  Bye-bye. 


I have a 14-yr-old daughter who is completely obsessed with these hair straighteners.  A couple of weeks ago when we just started on the zeolite she actually burned her arm in two places with the hair straightener.  She scratched one of the burns and it became infected.  By the time she pointed it out to me, it was looking quite horrible.  The other scab was just kind of normal and it was healing.  She was already taking the zeolite but I began putting a drop of it on the wound three times a day.  Within a week, it completely disappeared and all she has now is just a very faint pink line.  - Cynthia from Sydney, Australia


This is very interesting, who would have thought zeolite would help with a burn victim?  My mom had a house fire and suffered 3rd degree burns on multiple places on her body because she had passed out from the smoke.  This happened almost 3 weeks ago.  Once she got home from the hospital, I started putting zeolite drops right onto the burns.  They are healing so well and quickly.  The doctor said today during her checkup, he has never seen anything like it before.  They gave her oral meds and antibiotic cream, which I refused to use on her.  So he thought it was the meds that was responsible for the great results.  And since he said he never saw anyone heal so fast, he was ever more shocked when I told him we never used the meds.  PLUS she had an eye aneurysm during the fire, (she is almost blind) and that is such a weak part of her body.  We increased the drops for her, and in less than a week, it healed too.  She was so tickled with her zeolite drops.  At first she was not a big believer.  BUT NOW, she will never go without them.  Is that great or what?      I got your DVD today, and I will watch it this weekend.  I really appreciate you sending it to me.  Thanks again.  Take care.       Sarah B


On Christmas Day, I severely burned my wrist on the oven door. The burn healed very slowly. By New Year's Eve, it was large and purple with a scab. I received the hydrating body lotion a few days after the New Year and started applying it to my burn.  Eight days later, my wrist is 95% healed; there is virtually no scar in the area -just new skin. I can't believe how well the hydrating body lotion worked to regenerate this area."   --Ann H., PhD. , TX




When I started with this company I just wanted the products. That quickly changed as I started sharing the message. Thanks to this company and the great comp plan, I have made back my original investment and working  1) to get all my products for free 2) to replace my “job” income with this income and 3) to have the extra income to pay of debt and be able to do a much needed remodel on our home. I see this happening very soon, thank you for giving us the opportunity for a Plan B that can be changed into our Plan A. - Trena F


Thanks to these wonderful life changing products, we were able to add a sunroom to our home without taking out a loan. Thank-you!- Susan J


It’s actually a true story! It really did happen last night at dinner at a friend’s home. At dinner, they said they had always wanted to see the Cirque de Soleil Beatles music production in  Las Vegas. I realized that with the extra income I’ve made from helping people with these products, and the generous compensation they provide, my husband and I committed to vacationing with them without any hesitation. We knew we had this lovely nest egg to use for anything we wanted – be it a new car, or a dream vacation. Thank-you! Virginia B


Less than 6 months with this business, I just made more than $10,000 on my 2nd April FastStart check alone! - Kor


This business lets us stay active and secure in our senior years and travel to places we only dreamed about!  - Lowden & Norma


As retirees we live on a fixed income & added nearly $10,000 to that in 2009! We are grateful to the opportunity. - John and Cathy


I did it.  I am officially a Premier partner now.

My husband went to bed last night feeling badly.  His joints hurt so much he had to take pain meds.  Additionally, he felt like he was coming sown with the flu.   His whole body ached. He woke up this morning at 7 am thinking something was wrong and couldn't explain it.  He just felt great and even asked himself if he was still alive.  Strange, but that is what he said.   He didn't know I had been giving him 10 drops of a special zeolite every 3 hours all day yesterday.  When I told him what I had done he was amazed and started making phone calls to all his friends with ailments.  I cannot believe the product is working in just one day.  Hmm.  I wonder what it will do for me when my new order arrives.

Let's plan on getting together and discussing how I can maximize my time, I will bring my computer so you can show me how to use the website and back office as well as review the tools available to me.  I am anxious to get started.    I don't want to waste product or my time.

Thanks, Joy 


I had to travel to downtown Phoenix for some legal papers for my Mom in nursing home.  1 1/2 hour in bumper to bumper traffic.  Boy am I ever glad I get to work out of my home and not fight computer traffic daily!!!!  A phone and computer will build a million dollar business.  It is just a matter of time!!!!!!!!!!!!


In one month, we earned almost $1,900; simply by sharing and supporting the betterment of others lives. - Steven & Svetlana


With so many features in the compensation plan, it has afforded us the ability to upgrade to a large screen LCD TV. Mark & Dedi


I now have a lifestyle of freedom, not having to worry about money coming in. It is a different way to think and live.  Mickey


Even though I've made lots of great choices in my life and had great opportunities, my path through life has been extremely challenging. I can sincerely say that I've handled each challenge I'm confronted with, amazingly well. The latest challenges almost took my life i.e. living in a toxic environment and breathing deadly mold spores everyday for four years, losing my vision completely travelling 65 mph on a busy major highway, and brain surgery. And my very latest challenge which isn't life threatening, but a challenge never the less, is enduring another eye surgery, which makes this my ninth, with two or three left to go.

Well, I survived it all, but it left me in a very weakened state not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I was told due to my issues that I was unemployable. What were my options, self-employment, which I tried a number of times with several network marketing organizations. Each one did not work out, either they were closed down due to an investigation, or filed Chapter 11, provided no support and training  etc.

Although, I was not looking for another company to get involved in when I was introduced to this company; I was interested in shifting my ph, and ridding my body of toxins, and improving my health. Let me tell you, when I tested my ph on the fourth day, and it tested 7.5 from 5.5, I was absolutely ecstatic. I knew I was out of the woods; I no longer had to worry about developing that most dreaded disease on the planet.

The rest is history, because I continue to get the word out by telling my transformational story every chance I get. In spite of my struggles and challenges, I will always persevere, and I will always encourage others to do the same. I appreciate the training, the support, the conventions, the conference calls, the documentation, the web site, the brochures, the CDs, the DVDs, the books, the scripts, etc. You know, I am so fortunate to be alive, and I thank my Maker every day for giving me a second chance. And I feel so fortunate to be a part of the this growing business family. I know that I'm a diamond in the rough, and I'm being polished a little bit every day. Someday, I'll  walk up on that stage and be that bright shiny diamond that I know God put me on this earth to be.  Thanks for allowing me this SKIES THE LIMIT opportunity!!


Living a full life and not always making the right decisions, I’m afraid left me in a financial situation  that was looking very bleak.   I ended up like many of my peers living on a limited budget which drastically changed my  lifestyle.  One and a half years ago  I was introduced to these products.  I can’t believe my good fortune!  I have my life back and then some!  My residual income from this company, which is growing every month, has surpassed my retirement income!!  My life is now golden in my golden years!!  Right now  I am in the process of looking for a place to live near my favorite beach!   Thanks to the remarkable team, who helped me make this all possible!!!       Jennifer in Seattle 


I’m Melissa, partner of Marcelina, and we are product distributors.  We started to build our home-based business just 6 months ago.  We joined at the optimal level and have enrolled 9 people.  Our first full month in the business we earned commissions on 3 levels.   In September our business grew by 291%!  In November our business grew by another 10% and we qualified for our second growth bonus, thanks to the excellent teamwork taught by our fantastic up-line.  

This pay plan is the best I've ever seen.  Our previous high check amount was $1800, and this month it reached $2157!  Working part-time I doubled the amount that I made full-time providing Home Health Care as a Certified Nurses Aide, and had a whole lot more fun!  Although I have tried many networking businesses in the past, none has given me the satisfaction that I have experienced in my short time with this company in 2009.  We expect to be involved for years and years to come, as it just gets better all the time!


People are surprised to learn that pastors don’t qualify for unemployment insurance.  When my church position was cut due to budget constraints, I found myself with no income!  That’s when my long-time friend suggested I join her in a business.  I had tried the products and had good results.  As a cancer survivor I believe in supporting my immune system and the product line is exactly what I have been searching for all these years.  As a business partner, I can continue to help people and I was able to make money quickly. This business opportunity was a godsend for me: the right people with the right product at the right time!  (Luke 4:23)


I have been a county employee for twenty years.   I started as a Deputy District Attorney and am now a Judge.  When I started with the County I thought my financial future was assured, that it was safe and secure. But in the last year or so I have had to accept that I was wrong.

We have a day off each month without pay; the state personal income tax just been increased by 10%.  These are things that I have no control over, but what I can control is my response to these pressures.  I realized that I needed a Plan B, an alternative way to make extra money to support myself now and when I retire in five years.  I found a company that has provided me with the Plan B that I have been looking for.

I tried so hard to have a secure financial future, but in spite of my best efforts the world has changed.  I had lost my sense of security, but with this company I have gotten it back.  It has provided me with a renewed feeling of hope, and the certainty of an exciting financially secure future.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.   Hilary R.


I had worked for my retail employer for eighteen years when I was laid off without warning.  It was  a job that I used to love but after years of working ten hour days for months at a time, I was worn out.  When I lost my job I cried for about ten minutes, and then realized that this was a chance for me to have some time paying attention to my needs for a change.  I wanted to have some “me” time, and decided to take the first year doing whatever I wanted to do.  

About four months after I was let go I was invited to a presentation at a friend’s house.  I thought, “Well I certainly have the time”, so I went.  I was introduced to a company at that meeting, and knew that I had stumbled on something awesome.  I have been given the opportunity to tell my friends and loved ones about a terrific product that works!  I have the chance to get myself healthy while at the same time help lead other people to good health.  And last but not least, I have found a lucrative way to replace the income I had lost at my corporate job.  Joining this company was a decision that has not only helped enhance the quality of my life, it has given me the opportunity to help other people as well.   Scheryl.


When I opened the premier box ... my first thought was ..."I wished we'd had this when I enrolled."    Getting one of everything with extra product for the most used items ... that is fantastic.  Everything in that premier box is being used personally or already sold or is being used as "samples."   There is no product sitting on anyone's shelf!   It's great!  I love it!  And the earnings make it even sweeter!  I've already gotten a paycheck deposited ... including my second tier for a premier enrollment ... and later this week, I should benefit from my first third tier enrollment!  Many, many thanks for offering such a wonderful opportunity!  See you in Orlando -- Jeanette

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